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First Annual Women's Empowerment Conference Brunch

Your time to be badass and unapologetic about who you are becoming is now.

Come join us as we learn, support and network together. This year we are awarding education. We came a long way to be where we are today. And for that, we are grateful to those mentors who came into our lives to Fix Our Tilted Crowns.

Let's help fix another crown with confidence.



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Every Saturday With Your Coaches It Can't Be Better Than This. 

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The Best Drawings Are The Ones That Tell Your Falls And Victories. 

What a year it has been!

We were taken by surprised, contained in our home and lost ourselves in the midst of it all. But while at it we became resilient people. Many went on to build their businesses, and others took deeper steps into the business world even they had to do it with uncertainty.

The Hispanic Chapter of National Small Business Chamber of Commerce is hosting and event you don't want to miss. Come join to network and collaborate. If you are in the area of Nassau County and the 5 Boroughs, make Saturday the 24th 2pm to 5pm a day to remember. Let's meet and greet while sipping and painting our journeys on a canvas. 

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Women Empowerment "Pivoting In The Pandemic"

We all started the year 2020 with a vision and right at the start of our vision things became blurry. The pandemic came at no time and changed all the plans and visions we had. That is how we know that even though we have a dream, it is not a vision and certainly not a plan. What best way to learn about how you can change your perspectives about your visions? Come listen to other women and experts like myself who stood up to empower many. And come learn about how you can start shifting your mindset and take action on the visions that you have. We are resilient innovators ready to speak about how we unleashed our creative sides to help others find their purpose and live their dreams. 

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Sisterhood Empowerment Retreat

It's about leadership, transformation and aspiration. The Sisterhood Empowerment Retreat Is For ALL Women. It is a safe place where we'll come to uplift, empower and support you. It is where we remind you that you are Fierce, Fearless and Fabulous and you are empowered to step into living your best life with us. 

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5 Ways To Help You Challenge The Burnouts

We all have experienced mental and physical burnout, haven't we? But sometimes we just don't know which foot to put forward to help us approach this burnout feeling differently.
Learn how you can challenge the burnouts and find balance so you can be effective, think productively and live happily.
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