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I was asked once if I was ready to change my life and now I am giving you the chance to answer it for yourself: Manifest With Momentum  helps you leave behind the misconceptions and hone in on the steps and strategies that are proven to help you change how you perceive your success in all areas of your life- whether it’s money, relationships, personal development and your relationship with yourself. Live An Abundant Life Today...

No More Waiting For Validations - If That Is You, This Is The Time To Let Go.

No More Living With Uncertainty - If You Doubt Yourself Too Many Times, Now Is Time To Change The Pattern.

No More Generational Curse - If You Say More Than One Time " I Used To..." Now Is Your Time To Change The Narrative.

No More Anxiety - break through that wall of fear and believe that you can do things to increase your self-confidence.

 Show Up With Confidence To Create Success!  

Step out with the tools others don't have to build confidence and get clarity in their lives and businesses.

Here is what you'll get... 

Intensive Learning in a 7-week group setting
Power Coaching Sessions and Round-Table
Manifest Your Truth Journal: Step-by-Step Daily Recording Of Your Gratitude Progress
Access To The Badass Gen-X Women Who live Unapologetically 

***TOTAL: $800 


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The best way to manifest what you want is by facing your doubts and leaving the misconceptions out of the way.


Kasey M. Cooper
Life Coach For Women Of Color
Founder of Reformed Angry Black Girl, LLC

"If it had not been for Nadeje I would have never had the confidence to step into my purpose of becoming a life coach myself. She has encouraged me and given me advice and coaching for over a year now. I admire her dedication to helping her clients and ensuring that they achieve success."

Dalhia C.
Elementary Teacher and Life Coach

"Nadeje knew what I was struggling with from the start. She has been nothing but the kind of support I was waiting for. Nadeje has such an in-depth knowledge about confidence building. And she breaks it down for me to better understand the steps I needed to grow my confidence. I recommend you to subscribe."

Hey Diva!

What if I told you that I absolutely had no confidence in myself, I hated looking at myself in front of the mirror, and had no self-esteem with high ego. Yes, I thought arrogance and cockiness were considered confidence. Throughout my adult life I thought I was the know it all, with a "you do what I say attitude" that did not serve me well! I thought all was well, but it was not. While my life looked incredible from the outside, I was putting a facade and I was miserable on the inside. I could not figure out what my purpose was, I was angry all the time and I was just living. But all along, I knew I had it in me to make a bigger impact on the world… but just like anyone else on this planet, the fear of failure and success, the need for validations, and self doubts were my alternate getting stuck plans.

So about four years ago I hit my rock bottom. My personal, relationship and finances were horrible which had negative impacts on me. And I was diving deeper into losing myself. I started to wonder about my life's purpose and how I could serve many especially women who have lost confidence in themselves. After I identified what my calling was, I made the decision to "Do Me". I realized that I had three choices in life: I could live my life waiting for validations from others, I could work at a job that continues to burn me out and I could live in a constant state of depression. Or I could relocate my mind, shift at a 360 angle and let go of what was no longer serving me and start anew.
I was able to turn my scarcity and doubts away. I unleashed my confidence unapologetically, speak on stages, serve clients and have an impact on many women… I am enjoying how my life has shifted and I am living proof that everything is manifested with Momentum.
This is how Elevate and Motivate With Purpose To Transform Yourself (E.M.P.T.T.Y) was born. I have helped hundreds of women whether in my closed group on FB, in my podcast, and coaching pivot from life's demands and work commands without feeling rattled.
Start wearing your confidence like you wear your stilettos.



  •  Immediate Access To All Modules.
  • 7 Step-by-Step Video Tutorials
  •  5 Live Power Coaching Session  
  •  2 Interactive Round-Table
  •  1 Completion Certificate
  • 365 days of VIP Support/Newsletters
  • Lifetime access to Private Facebook Community



5 payments of

  •  Immediate Access To Modules 1, 2 & 3.
  • 7 Step-by-Step Video Tutorials
  •  5 Live Power Coaching Session  
  •  2 Interactive Round-Table
  •  1 Completion Certificate
  • 365 days of VIP Support/Newsletters
  • Lifetime access to Private Facebook Community

Create your happiness today...Launch, showcase and Scale With Momentum. 

What do you learn and benefit from this 7-Week Program?

I've put together a tool box that shows you how to achieve your goals. No worries… It's not one of those crash courses where you feel like you’re a hamster in a Hamster Wheel rolling without knowing when to stop.

What impact will it have on you?

What you'll gain is a high hand support to help set valuable and achievable goals. You'll have the benefit to work together, and build accountability as a team. 

What is the one thing you'll get out of with?

This is tailored to meet your need, and fit you wherever you are in your growth. What you want is to create rapid and long lasting change in your life and business.

Are You Willing To Bid On Yourself?

Say yes today! Create unwavering success in your life and your business.