Is Confidence Your Biggest Struggle And You Want To Step Away From The Misconceptions 

U Slay Confidence Coaching Academy has a coaching program tailored to educate, guide and assist dream builders, entrepreneurs, coaches and purpose-driven leaders in reaching their fullest potential and achieving maximum productivity by building daily habits of confidence, increasing profitability, enhancing client relationship, boosting market presence and implementing best practices for leadership.


What Do You Want Out Of This?

You want to stop comparing yourself to others. You want to stop looking at the wrong, and the bad and stop believing the narrative in your head that says your're not good enough. 


4 Words: Do It For You!

Have the confidence to start with a new mindset. Have THE MINDSET OF A CONFIDENT BOSS BABE. I have been helping others transform their lives by making strategic shifts in their mindset. Your transformation starts here if you choose to work on yourself and believe that the impossible is possible.

Group coaching

13-Week group coaching program.

This is where building confidence is done in a supportive group. This is where you find clarity about who you are and what your values are. This is designed to get you unstuck.

Personal Development

What keeps you stuck in life?

A 1:1 coaching to help you work on your confidence, your mindset and your goals. 1:1 coaching session that guides you to start creating breakthroughs and further work on yourself.

Resources + Tools

Find support and tools in one place.

Everything you need is in one place for you to use. All resources and tools for you to succeed are in the library and store. All the self-help, self-learn and mindfulness tools to help you with your goals are in one place!

Transparency & Communication

Built in community and monthly membership to support you and provide accountability. Direct  communication and engagement through text and emails for additional support during and after the course of the program.  

Hey Diva!

What if I told you that I absolutely had no confidence in myself, I hated looking at myself in front of the mirror, and had no self-esteem with high ego. Yes, I thought arrogance and cockiness were considered confidence. Throughout my adult life I thought I was the know it all, with a "you do what I say attitude" that did not serve me well! I thought all was well, but it was not. While my life looked incredible from the outside, I was putting a facade and I was miserable on the inside. I could not figure out what my purpose was, I was angry all the time and I was just living. But all along, I knew I had it in me to make a bigger impact on the world… but just like anyone else on this planet, the fear of failure and success, the need for validations, and self doubts were my alternate getting stuck plans.

So about four years ago I hit my rock bottom. My personal, relationship and finances were horrible which had negative impacts on me. And I was diving deeper into losing myself. I started to wonder about my life's purpose and how I could serve many especially women who have lost confidence in themselves. After I identified what my calling was, I made the decision to "Do Me". I realized that I had three choices in life: I could live my life waiting for validations from others, I could work at a job that continues to burn me out and I could live in a constant state of depression. Or I could relocate my mind, shift at a 360 angle and let go of what was no longer serving me and start anew.
I was able to turn my scarcity and doubts away. I unleashed my confidence unapologetically, speak on stages, serve clients and have an impact on many women… I am enjoying how my life has shifted and I am living proof that everything is manifested with Momentum.
This is how Elevate and Motivate With Purpose To Transform Yourself (E.M.P.T.T.Y) was born. I have helped hundreds of women whether in my closed group on FB, in my podcast, and coaching pivot from life's demands and work commands without feeling rattled.
Start wearing your confidence like you wear your stilettos.

13-Week Group Coaching


Four Pillars of Confidence

Relocation of the Mindset

Self-Reliance Guide

Mindfulness Practice

Self-Love Awareness

Goal Setting Action Plan

Brand Awareness


Enroll at U Slay Confidence Coaching Academy, today and start creating the life you always loved.


Ready To Move Out Of The Employee Mindset ?

Once you start, you'll get a more authentic and enriching mindset. You'll begin working towards your life goal. You'll find meaning for your life goals, and you will appreciate what you have — By taking the first step to work on yourself, you will start generating confidence in your life. 

Unlock Your CEO Self

Positive Setting Designed To:

help you identify and name your talents so you can find your passion to do the things you are good at doing.

Get Clear on Your Visions

A Solution To:

help you get unstuck when things are not going as planned. Having a clear sense of purpose can help you navigate when your life feels a lot less clear.

Create an Action Plan

Strategies and Tools To:

help you create and define your long/short term goals. Assess, evaluate and celebrate each step you take towards your goals. 


  • Immediate Access To the Modules.
  • Step-by-Step Video Tutorials
  • Live Power Coaching Calls  
  • Interactive Round-Table and Brainstorming
  • Completion Certificate
  • 365 days of VIP Support/Newsletters
  • Lifetime access to Private Client Facebook Community
  • Lifetime access to Women Confidence Builders Membership
  • Access to Additional Bonuses 


  • Immediate Access To the Modules 
  • Step-by-Step Video Tutorials
  • Live Power Coaching Calls  
  • Interactive Round-Table and Brainstorming
  • Completion Certificate
  • 365 days of VIP Support/Newsletters
  • Lifetime access to Private Client Facebook Community
  • Lifetime access to Women Confidence Builders Membership
  • Access to Additional Bonuses 

Why: Do You Want To Unlock Your Inner CEO Mindset?

Because at some point in your life you no longer want to stay in on place. If your mindset is not at the right state you will not be able to grow out of that employee mindset. 

What is confidence to you?

Confidence is a skill that can be built. Be willing to leave the misconceptions behind. 

Say no to:

Limiting Beliefs 

Self Sabotaging


Lack of trust

Negative Self-Talk

When you enroll at U Slay Confidence Coaching Academy, you'll be able to UPGRADE your mindset like a Badass Boss Babe and you’ll be able to work full force on building your confidence so you can show up assertive, and authentic in your everyday life.