About Nadeje


Nadeje, is a Confidence Strategist, an Awareness Builder, and a Personal Growth Developer, who worked her way out as a certified Personal Development and Executive Leadership Coach to help others identify their limiting beliefs and create a lifestyle without burnout.


Nadeje, is the owner of Goals Impact Coaching & Consulting, LLC (Branded as U Slay Confidence). She is an Education Specialist, a Certified Personal Development and Executive Leadership Coach, and a Professional Bridal Consultant who loves and values what she does as a coach, speaker, mentor and educator. She believes that being in the moment helps relocate the mindset to manifest with momentum.

Nadeje encourages individuals and organizations to set goals that are measurable, attainable and results-focused. Together with her team, she will help you regain that long lost confidence, so you can get UNSTUCK,  stay in control when you feel yourself slipping, and successfully manage your business and life without burnout. 

True spelling on her birth certificate... Nadeje

The screw up spelling that no one bothered to care correcting Nadege... "I carry three flags... I was born in Sint Maarten, raised in Haiti with the Haitian blood running through my veins...(I am full blown Haitian), then became a U.S citizen...

I used to say, "I will never be a teacher like my grandparents were". Well, guess what? I spent 20+ years working as an educator, an Assistant Director and a mentor. Which means, educating others is my birthright.

My childhood dream was to become a lawyer, and one day becoming the mayor of the city where I reside. I still have that in mind and it is never too late to achieve those goals. I am only 40 something 'ish old..." 

Our Mission 

 To foster a setting which builds confident and competent women leaders to thrive as executives and visionaries through a support system that enhances, impacts and creates legacies.


Our Purpose

Elevate and Motivate with Purpose To Transform Yourself.

Be empowered to expand your wings and be the best version of yourself with gratitude, kindness, leadership, love, and excellence.


Our Goal

To educate, coach, mentor, and help you create your vision while you raise the standards with high level of confidence and get others
to accept and embrace you as an authority, and help establish a more effective work environment for you and your team.

Find The Pathways To Unlock Your Full Potential

Be Indispensable, Confident and Tenacious


Set yourself aside from being average. Be passionate, driven and willing to build a team of leaders.

Develop Strong and Innovative Team


Trust the people who value your company, by being committed to inspire them to perform at their best.

Commit To Personal and Professional Growth


Create a culture in your organization that promotes innovativeness.

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