3 Tips To Help You Build A Positive Circle

confidence women Jul 26, 2020

As I was engaging this week in the 7-Day Confidence Challenge that I have in my closed group, I felt the need to share those ideas with you as well.

The entire week we have been learning about the steps we need to build our confidences. And in case you are asking how is that possible, can you build your confidence in 7 Days? Well! to build confidence requires for you to take steps. And there are specific practices to help you set the tone in 7 Days.

Here is the thing, when you can help someone and vice versa it is a support that is being provided. What we must understand is this, when we are building confidence, we are also helping someone else who is in the journey. Which means, if your mindset is on a negative all the times you cannot help others pursue their growth. That is why you must find a circle that empowers and surrounds you positively.

On day 6 of the challenge we talked about our circle. So, we learned that in our growth, having the right circle is required. Having a support system helps build accountability. However, what works is to have people who can push you and motivate you always while on the journey to build confidence. Sometimes, you have to adjust your circle, and know that when you find a relationship that pushes you up in a positive and healthy way, it helps you grow confidence in yourself and you can achieve your dreams successfully.

In Your Confidence Growth Here Are Some Of The Things You Need To Know:

How you can improve your circle.

Identify if support is mutually shared in your circle.

Tips to build a positive circle.

Discover if your circle is a good or bad one for your personal growth.


What is important to learn is that, you can improve your circle. You can be in an environment that supports your dreams and values without making you feel negatively about your choices. But to do so you must first assess yourself and assess your circle. 
How is it done? It is by asking yourself these questions:

Can I support my friends dreams and do they support my dreams?


Here are 3 Tips to help you build a positive circle

Look for people who are smarter than you! Stop limiting yourself, you are smart, and you know someone else is there to mentor you and coach you. Ask for support and find yourself someone who can challenge you and push you to be better.

Build relationships with those who already gone that path! As you are building your confidence, you need to spend time on the process becoming a confident woman. Successful people are generally willing to share what they know, and how long it took them to achieve their successes. They are there with the ability to help you learn from the mistakes they have once made along the way.

Focus on the quality of your circle over the quantity of members in the circle! Do not rely on the number of friends you have but look at the quality they possess. Are they high achievers, focus driven, and do they possess the ability to listen?

Well that is what you seek in a circle.


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