Developing An Attitude of Gratitude

happiness healing mindset May 17, 2021
A grateful woman


There are moments when we are so overwhelmed with negativity that we tend to see the world as bleak and the universe unforgiving. There are also times when we take some of our blessings for granted because we’re focused on the things we’re yet to have. It’s okay to feel these emotions. They are valid, but it’s best not to have them as a recurring theme in your mind. Rather, what we should aim for is having a generally positive outlook towards life. And one of the best ways to do that is to appreciate the good things that life has to offer.


Why count your blessings

It’s easy to say but the implementation may be tricky. Having a grateful mindset takes work. But it has a lot of advantages in many areas of life. First, it promotes positivity, which is actually good for physical wellbeing. Another benefit is setting a good example to others. Emotions are contagious, so being appreciative can also teach those around you how to value what they have. You can even change perspectives.


If you’re thinking long-term, being grateful is actually an admirable trait for a person. People are generous to those who know how to appreciate. You could win new friends or gain new opportunities. Moreover, you’d even learn how to better handle your emotions. You’d be resilient during difficult moments, too. You’d believe that God’s perfect timing is the best. That’s just our two cents, and there are probably lots more that a thankful can thank for because of their natural ability to appreciate.


How the thankful thinks

So how do we develop this attitude of being grateful? Here are several of the ways you can try to develop a habit of being thankful. It may seem difficult at first but you’ll be happy that you’ve tried working on it.


Gratitude journal

List down the things you are grateful for. How about a pocket journal with you, so that whenever a nice thing crosses your mind, you would be able to write it down. Think of the good things, even the little stuff. Celebrate huge victories or small wins. And from time to time, read this precious book of yours to remind yourself of the blessing you’ve had.

You can even make a jar of happiness. When you’re feeling low, get one thing you wrote and you’ll be sure to smile again.


Compliments and cheers

Always offer your comments of appreciation to other people whenever you can. Make sure it’s authentic. This is another way of developing a habit of looking on the brighter side. Thank them when they do you a favor or help you in whatever way. When you offer praise, thanks, or even cheering up, you are putting emphasis on the positive things. Remember that like attracts like. Eventually, you’ll get used to noticing the value in almost everything.


Extending helping hands

Acknowledge your blessings by sharing them with others. If you are able to lend a hand to those in need, it’s because you are sharing the gifts you already have with those who could still need them. Give and receive so much more.


Memories and mementos

Collect fond memories with the people you value the most. You can do this by spending time with family, friends, or someone special. Watch a movie, go on a hike, play a game, whatever you choose as long as you enjoy the company, it will always be meaningful. Make this a regular thing. Sure, these memories can last in your mind, but try to take snapshots of these moments, too. Take out your handy phones to take groufies with them. Create collages of your precious memories and frame them on a wall. It’ll make your day everytime. 




Having a mindset filled with gratitude is always something to be thankful for. People appreciate the appreciative more. Marvel in the beauty of life. Acknowledge your own blessing and you will never run out of things to be grateful for even when the going gets tough.

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