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Two Useful Things To Use In Your Daily Practice

anew confidence mindset women Jul 13, 2020

Don't act on obligation, you are not building confidence or becoming a better version of yourself for others. All of the work you're doing should merely be for you.  But this is what often happens, we start working on ourselves with the thought that we are doing it for our betterment, then comes doubts and we stop. 

Why is it so easy to just stop? Ask yourself this question. You see, one of the reasons we stop is because we encountered fear. We thought if we change ourselves, we will not be the same, and people will not stay connected with us. Then we start feeding our minds with all sorts of negativity. 

There are few things we will have to stop doing if we want to build confidence. We'll have to stop fighting ourselves, doubting our worth and living in fears. We're require to take steps without feeling obligated. 

What if I tell you that you can follow these steps and make them your practice? Yes! there are useful things you can do to help you build your confidence, and feel empowered without feeling obligated. Let me share two of the useful things I use in my practice with you.  

1) Set up great goals for yourself, and achieve one small goal at a time.

Goals are both challenging and realistic. And to achieve our goals, we have to set realistic ones. Therefore, you decide why you want to build your confidence first. Ask yourself this "is it for your betterment or because you feel obligated by what others have said to you?"

2) Use a journal to write down your thoughts and ideas. 

If you believe in self-awareness, you also know that journaling is one of the best ways to keep yourself aware of your actions, your thoughts and dreams. So, keep a diary to improve your self-awareness.


I shared two of the useful things I used in my practice and I think you can use them as well. However, do not feel obligated and rushed. It is a process to build confidence. 

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