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The Pro in Productivity Starts With Happy Employees

The workplace is not necessarily only a place for work. It shouldn’t be a place that employees would want to get out of the end of the day. Actually, boosting their morale is one of the most proven effective ways to increase productivity. If the employees wear smiles rather than the dread for 5 pm, it could translate to more completed tasks. It could also result in lower attrition among the workforce if they’re satisfied with their work situation. A happy workplace would actually bring positive results. Remember to inspire your people to desire to perspire.


The workplace goal?

The catchphrase “Thank God It’s Friday” wouldn’t be so popular if everyone, honestly, really loves going to work. Yes, the weekends are attractive because of the rest, but maybe the cliched saying is a manifestation of how employees look forward to getting out of work rather than completing the work. And that could be harmful to the organization. So far, “Thank God it’s 5 PM” is not yet a common maxim, but don’t let it be one in your workplace.


It may seem that simple: boost employee morale, make them happy, and productivity consequently increases. However, the implementation can really be tricky. If you are leading or managing a project, you still consider that the team knows that work is still the topmost focus and main objective. What you intend is to just make the workplace more lively to avoid lousy or dozing off members that could potentially harm the group productivity. Simply put, you want an efficient team.


Work and play

The question now is how to inspire your staff in the most creative way. Work is not usually associated with “having fun.” However, it doesn’t always have to be the case. Here are some of our suggestions on how to boost morale among the employees without losing sight of the important tasks at hand to increase productivity.


Better workplace

You know the usual offices, plain white walls, boring cubicles, imagine those tasteless designs and dull aesthetics. There’s a chance that those who inhabit such workplaces may reflect that uninspiring atmosphere. A good salary is not the only thing that employees desire; they also want a comfortable place to work in.

So skip on the regular, dull office theme, and invest in how to put the fun at work: making the actual place more lively and pleasing. Abandon the plain old white or flat hues by bringing in more energetic colors. Add a touch of creativity to the announcement boards with captivating visuals. And don’t forget to condition the air right, not too cold or not too hot. Sometimes, even adding an entertainment room can even motivate them to go to work (as long as it is used during breaks or after the tasks/work hours).


Encourage rather than terrorize

Positive reinforcements are actually proven to be more effective in inspiring people to improve on their work. Rather than blame them for all of their mistakes, why not try to find their strengths before you proceed with the constructive criticisms. Additionally, if the employees are actually doing exceptionally well, or have completed tasks beyond what is expected, learn to acknowledge and incentivize.

Reward the good work with things they’d enjoy, such as gift certificates or vouchers, prized items, or an additional paid day-off. When other employees see this, they’d also be motivated to do better on their work and potentially spark their undug creativity well. Keep in mind that inspiration is fun, and more fun gets more done.


Give them breaks

Not just the mandatory lunch breaks, of course. Allow them to have relaxing breaks that they can enjoy for themselves to unwind. Actually, too much focus on work could lead to burnout which could result in lower productivity. But if there are breaks in between, their mind can think more clearly and efficiency rises. Let them walk around for 15 minutes, or allow them to socialize from time to time. Maybe dedicate a lounge for them to just relax for a while, so they’re not resting on their very workstations. Leaders should not just put the fun at work, the employees also deserve that kind of break.


Check on them

If the employees feel that they are cared for, they will be more motivated to go to work. Set aside a regular time to really get to them and ask how they are doing, both physically and mentally. It can be a one-to-one personal session or a group activity. Ask how the team is doing both outside and while at work. Make sure to do this to each and every member of the organization. Hold physical and mental health sessions so they’d be more aware of self-care, too.




If you want to ramp up productivity in your workplace, one of the things you should really think about is how the workforce feels. Inspired and happy employees are always a positive thing, and if they are having more fun, it gets more done. They should be an important asset of any organization because from them the production can thrive. So try to consider our suggestions above and transform your workplace so that everyone’s thanking God for their work, not because it’s Friday again.



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