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Planning The Perfect Home Date

Crazy how in a span of a few weeks, we’re all feeling like we live in a different era. Not allowed and not feeling safe to go out, all work needs to be done at home, all connections kept in the virtual world. We’re all left with whoever we live with - ourselves for the most part. In the first year, we thought it would end in no time. Month after month, we’re expecting, hoping, and planning for better days. But as months passed, our perspectives changed. Some became more hopeful, some started to be hopeless, and some simply went with the flow. 


With all things being uncertain, we realized it’s best to live with what we have. Even if that means staying at home for our safety. We might have gotten used to the daily routine of working from home and seeing the same faces day by day. Things may be worse if you live alone. It gets lonely. But it’s never too late to spice up our days and put in some extra effort. 


Here’s how.


Home Date Ideas

Make Your Tea or Coffee Extra Special


We can start with simple coffee or tea dates. For me, tea is my go-to, but you can make your daily coffee a little extra by trying other flavors than plain black. Try adding coconut oil, switching to almond milk, or topping it off with some spice - like cinnamon. You can enjoy it alone or drink it with your loved ones before starting work. It doesn't require much effort but with some company, even if that is yourself, it could boost up the day! 


Have Candlelit Dinners

If you're on for even grander gestures, for anniversaries, birthdays, and other special days, or even when you only want to reward yourself for getting through the week, a homemade and candlelit dinner is perfect. If you're so tired of cooking your usual food, the internet could surely help you. Just search for what you can make with the ingredients you have besides what you usually cook and ta-dah! You can now enjoy your food, light a candle, play your favorite music and open a bottle of wine! Nothing hard, right? 


If you live alone, you can also call your loved ones and virtually have dinner together. Be ready for deep conversations. It’s amazing how many life goals you can set given the right mood and ambiance. 


Prepare for Movie Nights

I know we all miss the cinema and going out with friends, right? We can still do that at home. We can create a cozy setup with our pillows and comforters and order some pizza and Sauvignon Blanc. We can also invite friends to do the same in their homes and watch movies together, virtually! Can you imagine how fun it is to watch movies with your friends' faces on the screen? I believe they call it picture in picture style. It’s like watching multiple movies at the same time. It would be more fun if you'd watch scary ones! 


These are just simple ideas but I'm sure this could easily spice up your quarantine life. In this time and season, the best thing to do is adapt to what we have while we are trying to fight this virus. That's why it's perfect to think of ways to level up our stay-at-home experiences. 


Rather than complaining about the current situation, you can make it better for yourself and others around you by adapting to the changes in your life. Continue to practice six feet distance. Don’t spend time out if it is not a necessity. Wear your mask as much as possible, and keep your connections virtual. The changes that are happening in our lives are what we call the new normal. You can learn more about resilience in my program here 


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