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5 Signs that You Need to Take a Mental Health Day

     The pandemic’s atrocities took the world by storm creating more chaos in our minds than we can handle. We’re consumed by the fear and the uncertainty of how life will be moving forward. Seeing the increasing number of people getting sick and dying daily slowly kills our hope to witness better days. With everything said, it’s important to take care of our mental health more than ever.


Here are 5 Signs You Need to Take A Mental Health Day


     1. You’re easily irritated and Impatient

When our stress levels are high, our temper can get incredibly short. When you’re neglecting your psychological health your brain finds it more difficult to function and regulate emotions like normal. Because of this, you might find yourself stressed out all the time unmotivated to do anything, or overwhelmed by life’s demands. So if you have been getting angry and don’t even know why it might be worth taking a mental health day.


  1. Everything you do feels boring.

If you’re having a hard time finding joy in anything even the things that used to be fun, it may be a sign that you’re getting burnout. If you lack interest in anything and you don’t want to go outside. Everything is so dense, you feel heavy and you just don’t want to do anything even the thing you usually enjoy doing, then that's a sign that you’re in need of a mental health day.


  1. You feel exhausted and sleepy all the time.

 When you're constantly facing high levels of stress, your hormones can leave your body completely confused keeping you awake at night and exhausted during the day. You find it difficult to eat or sleep right even though you haven’t made any significant changes in your lifestyle. When you don’t get the rest you need, it can make it difficult for you to concentrate and be more productive. It makes you more irritable, anxious and exhausted. Our body is a  temple. It is important that you really nurture it and take care of it.


  1. It’s getting harder to focus.

If you feel like your brain can’t keep track of anything. You may need to take a day off to recharge and reset your brain. If you have difficulty concentrating even when the task is easy and it's harder for you to concentrate, recall information, analyze problems or even verbalize your own thoughts, then you’re definitely suffering from mental exhaustion. Being aware of the signs of mental illness could save your life and can help you from spiraling into depression or anxiety. If you struggle with any of these issues please reach out to a mental expert or take a mental health day.


  1. You keep getting sick.

Physical and mental health are strongly linked. If you find yourself getting recurring colds or other physical ailments it may be a signal that your mind and body need a recharge. Sometimes when you’re stressed, your body is releasing a lot of cortisol, and when you are in a  chronic state of stress, your fight system is turned on. When your fight system is chronically turned on, all of the other functions in your body is turned on so your immune system is suppressed, your reproductive system is suppressed, your digestion is suppressed and so all the other functions of your body begin to fail then its a sign that you need to take a mental health day. 


Do not take yourself for granted. Take a break when you need to. 


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