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My Life’s Biggest Achievement


“Life starts at 40.” That’s what they always say. 

I turned 46 last month. It feels so surreal yet so exciting to be taking on another year. Despite the current global situation, I feel like I can achieve a lot of things.

I still remember growing up how I wanted to have everything figured out. I thought that if I don’t accomplish my goals before thirty, I’ll be missing out in life. I was always in a rush to get things done and make a name for myself. 

Although I was able to do that by being an Assistant Director, it felt like something was still missing. I was doing well at work, making awesome connections, meeting beautiful people, and living a good life. 

In someone else’s eyes, my life is a total cream puff. Everything looks great on the outside. And yet inside, I feel devastated.

I hit rock bottom and had an identity crisis. That felt horrible. I was financially broke, clueless about what to do next. I knew I needed to have a deeper purpose. I knew that I had to do things differently, yet, I did not know what it was.

I looked back to my childhood days; back then, I didn’t care so much about other people’s opinions. I was creative, curious and innovative. I was always inspired to become a lawyer!

When I was young, I wanted to be a lawyer. The thought of it brought a spark to my eyes. I always loved seeing lawyers fight injustice. Unfortunately,  it was my dreams, and not those of My parents.

My family, however, was totally against it. My grandfather especially believed that lawyers are liars. And so, despite taking a degree in political science, I chose another route. I became an educator, a mentor and a coach. I realized that my passion was always to help others build themselves, and voice themselves unapologetically.

Subconsciously, I still say that I want to be a lawyer. Because it was my childhood dream. But that total downfall that happened 4 years ago taught me to reassess my life. 

Living authentically and unapologetically are my "Why". I was reminiscing over how my grandparents and aunts departing life with their beautiful talents. They were so focused on making a living for their families that they have forgotten to live their purpose. Maybe, they just didn't have a choice.

I asked myself, “Is that the pattern I want to follow? “

Do I want to live everyday feeling overwhelmed by life’s demands? Do I simply settle for the ordinary? 

The more I think about it, the more I realize that I don’t want to spend most of my days sitting behind a desk doing the same things over and over again. I want to do more. I wanted to help others get unstuck. 

Hence, I started my coaching business on the side. I still can’t believe I got the courage to even start. I am thankful I did. Up to this day, my heart gets so full seeing all the people I have helped. 

I am a confidence coach for one reason, I didn’t have confidence in myself before. I know how much impact it makes to one’s life.

Seeing my clients build or regain their confidence brings me so much joy. Now, more than ever, I feel that I am living my purpose.

Deciding to be a coach is my life’s biggest achievement. It opened a lot of opportunities for me. It allowed me to change people’s lives. And I want you to do the same. 

Today, I am opening the doors to my 4-week coaching program. I want you to build the resiliency that you need to fight life’s adversities. I want you to be able to organize and control your thoughts. I want you to live your best life.

If you want that too, take the first step. Enroll here and start living an awesome life.



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