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My Passion Project


I love kids. Here’s a brief introduction why. Apart from my coaching business, I am working as a full-time Assistant Educational Director. I work closely with children and their families. I have spent most of my university years learning about kids because I strongly believe that they are the future. That said, I want to create a better one for all of us. 


This pandemic has been the most challenging not only to us, adults and professionals but also to all the kids out there. Human interaction plays a vital role in every child’s life. Similar to how playing lets them learn, human interaction makes them aware and teaches them what’s right or wrong. Fun - this is what it means for them. 


Covid changed all of our lives drastically. As much as it affects our mental health as adults, it affects kids too. I can still remember this conversation I had with a friend of mine the first time she physically sent her kids to school after the lockdown. She cried buckets. She told me how tears just started flowing from her eyes the moment her kid saw his classmates. He ran full-force with hands up in the air preparing for a hug. She can tell from her son’s eyes how excited he was seeing his friends. 


When they went back home, she noticed how differently her son behaved. He was so much happier and more attentive. It seemed as though he had a new sense of motivation to keep going. Isn’t it amazing? Kids are just like us indeed.


After hearing this story from my colleague, I couldn’t help but think of other ways to help kids combat the stress brought by this pandemic. I want them to still be their best selves despite the limited times they’ll spend in school physically. I want to keep fuelling their curiosity and creativity. That’s when I came across Kidstir. 


Kidstir is a cooking kit subscription with a vision of bringing families together. And what better time to do it than this pandemic, right? 


I was in awe when I learned that Kidstir and I have the same vision. I got more interested. The more things I learn about them, the more I fall in love. Here are some of the things I adore about this subscription box. 



Kits start at $23.99/month. There are a lot of billing options to choose from. You can also cancel anytime. But trust me, once you’ve tried it, I doubt you’ll ever want to. Oh, and before I forget, they have free-shipping in all U.S orders. 



You can modify it based on your dietary needs. This is just perfect. Every kit is prepared just as you want it. It’s made just for you and your family. 



Every kit comes with cooking instructions and even beautiful pictures to guide you along the process. This is the best way to teach kids how to cook and to even improve our own cooking skills. 


Fun and Interactive

When you subscribe to Kidstir, you will receive different cooking kits every month. Your kids will also have the chance to join the #kidstirchallenge. Simply take a photo of the sumptuous meal you made from the kit and win prizes. How cool is that?



Kidstir makes a huge impact to our differently-abled citizens. When you support them, you’re also supporting our friends at Elwyn, a foundation that provides education and job opportunities to adults and children with developmental disabilities.


I cannot be more grateful that I stumbled upon this awesome cooking kit subscription. I had to share it. So, if you care for children as much or even more than I do, check out Kidstir. Together, let’s start helping kids and their families combat stress and create a bigger impact. 


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