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Conquer The World Outside Your Comfort Zone

Stepping outside the comfort zone isn’t always ideal for many of us. Actually, we are trying to avoid stress as much as possible. We try to get by to be comfortable. Comfort is something we all want, but not always need. We gotta take risks too.


It’s not that easy to be taking risks, though. The unexpected is not exactly what we aim to welcome. But if we step out of our comfort zone, we get to explore more stuff. We could discover untapped potential. And most importantly, we can really find growth.


Why we need to get uncomfortable

By being uncomfortable, we only mean stepping out of the familiar zone. There are actually many good reasons why you should get out of your comfort zones from time to time. It’s not just for the adrenaline rush. There could be long-lasting benefits in doing such. Here are some of the advantages of bursting that comfort bubble.


Preparing for pressure

If you’re always on the safe side, there’s a higher chance that you could easily break down when unwanted instances come your way (knock on wood, but still a possibility for us all, right?) But if you are exposed to the thrill of the unexpected, you would get to better respond when faced with difficulties. You’d toughen up if you can face your fears. Having an improved handle of your reactions can actually be a very admirable trait at work or in life in general. Resilience is also one good characteristic if you aim to be a leader, too.


Discover untapped potentials

There are a whole lot of new resources beyond your peripheral vision. Good stuff you could discover only when you leap from the status quo. New lands can only be conquered through voyaging. Mark Twain even said that you’d regret the things you did not do more than the things you did. Dream, explore, and discover, the famous author adds. If you want to try new things and expand yourself, like learning a new sport or going on a new trek, you might actually find out things that you didn’t know you could do. These could unleash your creative geniuses you’ve long been hiding if you only get out of your comfort zone.


Boosts confidence

By doing something new, you could gain more experience. You could strengthen your resilience and discover more of your hidden potential. Being a survivor of the unexpected can improve self-esteem. It gives us the confidence to brave whatever lies ahead. Stepping out of the comfort zone allows us to have the growth we ought to have. And with more confidence, you would be more inspired to take on any challenge and pursue more achievements. Take care on that path to success, darling, and you can now define success in your own words.


How to get uncomfortable

Of course, a word of advice, we still would want to be safe when we try to charge on the unknown. The goal is not to do the impossible, but to discover what was previously not probable. Now that it’s out of the way, how do we try to step out of the zone of comfort? We listed down some of the worlds you need to conquer.


The world of the new

Sometimes, new stuff scares us, thus making us uncomfortable. It is where the untapped potentials lie, and where the discoveries can occur. Learn a new musical instrument. Find a new way to get to work. Try new recipes from other cultures. Or meet new people. The new possibilities are endless, so the areas for growth are infinite, too. Go expand yourself.


The world of fear

There is a lot that we fear, aside from the unknown. We fear the heights, we fear the darkness, we fear several animals. That’s why we avoid circumstances that would allow us to confront our fears. But if we give ourselves some chance to survive these fears, we might even overcome them. If there are opportunities to face your fears, don’t run away. Ride a tall ride at a theme park. Turn off that night light tonight. You might even wave anxieties goodbye.


The world of habit

If one of the things you’d want to try is learning a new language, you’d need to revisit it regularly. Don’t just make it a once-in-your-life event. Make it a habit to redo the challenges, or even up the ante, or kick it up a notch on the next try. Track your progress and you might have even leveled up by getting out of your comfort zone consistently.



You may already be experiencing constant stress at work, or somewhere else. But even that could become a comfort zone, too, as you’d become so familiar with the challenges. So really try to embrace more change by confronting the unknown and the scary. It is primarily you that will reap the “experience points” in the end. Get uncomfortable. Beyond the discomfort lies growth.


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