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You may have known the common maxim that “the only permanent thing is change.” But there probably comes a time when life seems to be monotonous. Or it could be that it seemed that your goals are getting farther away and your inner joy is starting to lose the spark. The future might look bleak, but you shan’t lose hope! Because there’s always a way to turn things around, which could even lead to your personal breakthrough.


Breaking through the static

When is it ever our turn? Why do other people get their personal breakthrough, and I don’t? This may sound like the kind of questions that could possibly haunt our minds. Especially in this age of social media, it’s easy to get dissuaded by the progress of other people. But behind those triumphant stories, you may not know how one reached that point. Maybe they’ve even had the same thoughts as you before. Probably, they even had self-doubts or failures they had to deal with prior to their achievements. So, don’t get discouraged because you can also have your own personal breakthrough.


First, comparing yourself to other people is not a good idea. It’s fine to get inspired by other’s work, but remember that we all have our own personal clocks. Don’t pressure yourself, and keep in mind that you will have your own breakthrough as well. Eventually, it will happen, once you start actively working on it. 


Some tips to achieve personal breakthrough

There are actually many ways that you can do on how to actively work on reaching a personal breakthrough. We listed down several of them, which can help you begin your journey towards transformation.


Start to commit

Probably one of the most important steps is to change your perspective. Your mindset should be focused on your goal, like keeping your eye on the prize. Be committed to what you want to achieve, and set your heart to it. Be inspired and it will motivate you in walking toward that most-waited breakthrough you’re longing for. This is probably our favorite strategy on this list: inspiration. Once committed, get more sources of inspiration: it can be advice from others, or their own breakthrough experience itself.


Acknowledge your failures and limitations

This does not mean you should focus on past mistakes or on your weaknesses or you don’t stop playing small. What we mean is that you should try to reap the lesson from what may have been failures. Also, if you identify your limitations, you could determine any room for improvement. And never forget that you keep learning always. You should never stop learning, even when you’ve achieved your personal breakthrough.


Boost self-confidence

Aside from setting your mind to working towards that transformation, believe as well that you can do it. Like really trust in yourself. Having too many self-doubts can hinder you from fulfilling your journey towards your breakthrough. Work on your confidence, but be careful not to burden yourself with too much pressure. Stop the comparison with others and believe in your own personal gifts and strengths.


Changes and consistency

To get yourself in the mood, why not try to tweak something in your daily routine. Reorganizing your desk, buying a planner, or maybe jogging in the morning to clear your mind and think. These can be small ways or little stuff, it’s okay, as long as you’re reminded and getting inspired to work towards having a breakthrough. Be consistent with these changes and eventually, it will lead to transformation.


Get out of your comfort zone

And then, why not try a more extreme change? Turning to the uncomfortable aka getting out of your comfort zone. Challenge yourself, and prove to them that you’re so much more than what others perceive you. Pump up that adrenaline and maybe you could get more creative juices flowing.



We believe that everyone can have their own personal breakthroughs if they only believe it too. All of us are capable of change, thus we are also capable of progress, and then transformation. Challenge yourself that you can still progress. And once our breakthroughs have led us to our goal, it does not necessarily end there. You can get another important breakthrough in your life. But in between breakthroughs and achievements, don’t forget to tap yourself in the back for doing such a good job.

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