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There are moments when we find it difficult to see the bright side of things. We could feel down or overwhelm with all that’s happening around us. That’s okay and your feelings are valid. But know that if you need reminding about positivity or maybe you’re just interested in how to stay positive, there are tons of available information within reach through the internet. And one of the most popular forms of consuming media that can be both entertaining and informative is--you guessed it from the title--podcasts.


Podcasts + positivity

You probably know that podcasts are getting popular these days, and more content creators are being drawn to this medium as their platform. Primarily, it’s very convenient for casual listeners like us. You can listen to podcasts while doing other things, like riding the subway or attending to house chores. There are also tons of genres and forms to be found here, from documentaries to random talks, covering most topics. That includes shows about positivity and having an optimistic outlook in life.


Why listen about positivity? We’re sure it’s common knowledge that having positive thinking has lots of advantages. First, it’s known that optimism is good for one’s well-being, both physical and mental. Having a happy mind means having a healthy body. Moreover, this positive attitude can also strengthen resilience during difficult times. You could even have a better handle of your emotions, which is good for stress management. Positivity also allows us to get motivated. Hence, positive podcasts.


Recommended podcasts

We scoured the internet and found some of the most-listened-to positive podcasts that you could also enjoy. Here are some of our top picks. Give it a try to rekindle or maintain that positivity within you. (Click links for Spotify or Apple Podcast.)


  • The Daily Boost

This podcast centers around motivations as its main theme, which promises to fit the lifestyle of people. Per the Motivation To Move’s website, which was founded by podcast host Scott Smith, “The Daily Boost” promises to present “robust personal development strategies and common sense.” The podcast could help listeners find clarity and create plans, and several topics include acting on dreams and goals, removing the fear of change, and differentiating opportunities from obstacles.

Spotify | Apple Podcast


  • Happier with Gretchen Rubin

Gretchen Rubin, author of New York Times bestselling books like “The Happiness Project,” wants you to be HAPPIER with her lively and thought-provoking podcast. Her “Happier” podcast promises to deliver manageable and practical advice on good habits and even happiness. Among the topics you can discover from this over six-year-old show include valuable lessons from the pandemic, how to help people not to disappoint us, and trying friendly gestures.

Spotify | Apple Podcast


  • Live Happy Now

Whether you want to find a happiness boost for yourself at home or in your career, this podcast from the editors of Live Happy magazine has got you covered. “Live Happy Now” claims to have a science-based approach regarding the art of living a happier and rewarding life. Among the discussions you can find here include back-to-work anxiety, taking advantage of stress, positive aging, and how to be happy in a socially distanced environment.

Spotify | Apple Podcast


  • Paul McKenna’s Positivity Podcast

If you want an uplifting but in-depth conversation, author Paul McKenna has got your backs with the podcast he hosts. Every week, he gets interesting people to talk in a non-journalistic type of interview. Various guests include actors, activists, managers, authors, athletes, etc. and they would talk about positivity.

Spotify | Apple Podcast


  • The Science of Happiness

Psychology professor and  UC Berkeley's Greater Good Science Center founding director Dacher Keltner teaches about research-tested strategies to lead a happier life on this informative podcast. The award-winning scientist hosts “The Science of Happiness” based on the science of compassion, gratitude, mindfulness, and awe. Several topics include how melodies soothe us, how to heal through gratitude, how to make better decisions, and tips on connecting with strangers.

Spotify | Apple Podcast


  • Ten Percent Happier with Dan Harris

Media practitioner and author Dan Harris attempts to explore happiness with his podcast with the same name as his book, “10% Happier.” Harris was known for having a panic attack on his morning show on ABC, “Good Morning America.” This resulted in him trying meditation. Among the topics tackled on his podcast is the lowdown on meditation, handling anger and anxiety, non-obvious relaxation methods, and how to build better relationships.

Spotify | Apple Podcast



These are just a few of the possibly thousands of podcasts about positive thinking. You could start with them if you want to know more about how to develop an optimistic outlook and to get motivated.

If you want to gain more confidence and take control of your life, try listening to my own podcast too. 

These positive podcasts can help you deal better when life gets more difficult to deal with. Plus, podcasts are really convenient if you truly want to get a happiness boost.

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