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Ways to Embrace New Possibilities



Change is probably the most permanent thing to exist in this world. And generally, we tend to find new things scary or terrifying. So, as a survival instinct, we tend to seek comfort and avoid what’s unfamiliar. But if we constantly avoid the risks of the unknown, how are we to explore and discover new possibilities? Are you really content with your current status quo? Will we always refrain from and shun whatever it is that we have not yet encountered?


From comfort to changes

It is understandable that we are sometimes wary of changes. We attempt to find balance and we crave comfort for as much as possible. Maybe you’ve experienced something bad in the past. Or your doubts overpower your thoughts. These are okay, too. But you may miss out on a whole new world of possibilities if you constantly deflect new things. You should try to have your mind open to changes, because changes can be positive, too. 


By “new,” we don’t mean try out the impossible or attempt dangerous stunts or change something drastically. New doesn’t always mean big or impulsive (still, they could be). What we mean is that you should probably open your world to new possibilities--things that you may not have considered before but is now possible. And through this, you may even unlock your truest potential.


Besides, people who are more willing to accept changes are more adaptable to anything whatever may come their way. It’s one important life skill to have. So having an open mind to new possibilities is a good thing. It begins with the way we think.


Ways to welcome the new

If you still find yourself constantly trapped by fears of the unknown, don’t be alarmed. There are actually several tips you can do to allow yourself to be receptive to new ideas. Here are some of our suggestions.

Try new things

This could be learning a language, or finding a new hobby, or trying out a new sport. Do something that you haven’t done before. Or maybe tweak a little of your routines. Meet new people. If you are constantly experiencing new things, even in small ways, you wouldn’t be caught off guard when new ideas are introduced to you. You’d be more receptive to changes, even. Keep in mind that we can grow with changes.


Build your confidence

It is likely that one of the things that are holding you back is self-doubts. When you have low regard for yourself, you don’t see yourself as capable of new possibilities. Or maybe you think you’re not worthy of change. These are just some of the factors why you may not be open to newer paths. But if you actively work on your confidence, it’s like opening yourself up to an entirely new world of possibilities. Like a portal to a new realm where you would have the chance to unlock your potential. Stop thinking small. Believe in yourself, and believe that you are worth more.


Be curious

Another thing that may contribute to why we settle is maybe we are not just interested in new ideas. It’s possible that we don’t have the energy to explore or be inquisitive. Especially now that all information we need is just one click away. The internet is useful, but it can’t exactly provide you the thrill of embracing new possibilities. You gotta try them out on your own, and it starts with asking the right questions. How to do that? Get out of your comfort zone, folks! The best way to discover uncharted territories is to get out of that corner and challenge yourself. Not only will you get to see that you are worth more, but you can even learn to grow more.



If you’ve closed your mind to new possibilities, you could miss out on a lot of exciting discoveries. But if you have the right attitude towards the unknown, you’re set on the path of growth and learning. Remember to stop thinking small. Open your world to new possibilities by opening up your mind. Never forget that changes can always come, and it’s a good thing to welcome them when they do. You’d see that the unfamiliar is not as scary as what you initially thought. 



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