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What To Do When Your Past Shows Up?

The past month, I noticed a few people from my past showed up. So I thought, "how weird is that". What message is the universe trying to send out to me? I could not make sense of the events that were happening from one person, to the next and the one after that. I was surprised, so I reacted with partial anger and partial bliss.

Does this happen to you too, out of the blue someone from your past shows up? How does it make you feel? I know when you take years, and days and hours to work on your personal development, the last thing you want is to see your past showing up waving at you as if everything was the same.


So! do you think that it is best to leave the past stories archived? I know we all enter each other's lives to serve a purpose. But, the past few weeks have left me to really think it through. Once I started to see the slight pattern, my first thought is to figure out and know why the resurfaced? Then my second thought is to ask myself this question: "because you are working on healing yourself, do you think it is healthy or unhealthy to respond and reconnect?

You see, it is ok to ponder on those questions. When you are working on your best self, anything that comes from the past is questionable. Before you decide to go along with the idea of reconnecting, you need to find out why now! And if your gut does not feel good about it, don't even try to go for it.

Here are few reasons why you must have a big question mark about this:

1)You are working on healing yourself. Therefore, you cannot let anyone who is going to make you feel unhappy about life, uncertain about where you are, and reliving moments that were good or bad enter your life. You do not let any open doors for people who are trying to resurface your life.

2)Set the tone from the start. Don't try to have unrealistic expectations, and if they are the ones with those expectations let them know that you don't want any boundaries to be crossed. Remember! after many years of being apart, there is so much you two do not know about each other. And you should not try to bring back the past anyway...

3)For the times that you have worked on yourself, you don't know if that person has worked on their personal development and growth. Have they outgrown you or is it the other way around? If it is the case, how can you approach a situation like that without making anyone feel disrespected, or belittled?

So today, decide how you want your healing process to be. Would you want someone who resurfaced in your life to bring back old storms?

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