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Last year the same date June 28th at 7:00 am in the morning I crashed on the Northern State Parkway between exit 27 and 28. Wait! did I say that I crashed on the wall divider? I crashed on the wall divider and bounced back on the freeway and I don't know why but I did not crash with other cars. I must have had an angel shielding me in the car. What happened that morning is the car hydroplaned which caused me to first panicked, and then lost control of the wheel.

You see, usually, 7:00 am is rush hour time, on a weekday. That is when everyone including me, heads to work and leaves very early to avoid the big traffic; which I did. That morning I left home at 6:00 am EST. 

It was a pouring rainy day. I was talking with someone dear to me, oh no worries "hands-free", but the earpiece flew out of my ears and got lost somewhere in the car. All she heard me say is that "I could not feel my feet". In the pouring rain, this man came to me and asked me if I needed help if I wanted to call 911. He called 911 and stayed a bit until they showed up. I was taken to the hospital feeling anxious, nervous, angry and upset. Looking at the car. It was a total loss.

No worries, I am well, I am strong and I am alive. I am celebrating life again.
You see I say "again" because this was not my first car accident. I was in a similar car accident one day in 2007 and in 2016 the car got hit in the rear, and aside from that, I had a broken heart. And then in 2017, a lunatic crashed into the passenger door while I was looking for a spot to park my car at the shopping center near my home. Still with a broken heart but I was working on myself at that time. I started to relocate my mindset.

And then I found out that I was not supposed to say that I am working on me, or saying that I wanted to do me by the reaction of the people who are dear to me and that I still love dearly. 
Anyway, why am I telling you this? I am celebrating life. Today I am celebrating the life that I have. The opportunity that I have to teach you, coach you and help you too to change your mindset.


Changing The Mindset 

Let's live our lives curiously. We only know what's happening now in our present lives.

A year ago today I had a car accident which is followed by a back to back, year after year car accidents and a broken heart. (2016, 2017 and then came that major crash in 2018).

I was wondering why it had to be me! Why was it happening to me, what did I do for this? Then I learned that nothing that happened was out to get me; it was simply to teach me that I needed to be broken first to understand the lessons in life. I needed to change my mindset and start seeing things differently, such as seeing things positively. I needed to understand that I work harder on myself, change my view of the past so I can live my dreams. Most of all set new goals for myself and go after them.

I changed my mindset, my way of seeing things so I can know that I am a strong woman. I made that affirmation and owned it. 
"I am a strong woman who is destined to live life confidently and curiously."
"I am a living Queen who has purposes in life to serve."

Don't Be Afraid To Do You

You too can say some affirmation to yourself and make it a daily routine into your life. When I was reading my devotional from one of Joyce Meyer's books it clicked. "Don't be ashamed to back off if you get out in the middle of something and find that God is not in it". 

It clicked! when I chose to do me it was not because I was being fresh, selfish, a know it all and a show-off. It was because I needed to discover me. Discover who I was inside. I needed to change the way I see things and change my lenses. I needed to grow. Plant positive seeds in my life. So I realized that when I was asked by my group of friends if I did not want to be in the group anymore, they were hurt because I was not there the way I used to. I apologized for the hurt that I cause, for the many truths that I held back, the confusion and the troubles that I caused them. But I have no shame in quickly saying that I need to do me. You can say you want to do you too,  so you can be a better leader, teacher, coach, friend, daughter, and sister to others who are counting on you.

I needed to do me so I could be a better listener and educator. 



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