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How To Build A Healthy Lifestyle For You

Self-care is an essential part of our daily practice. But instead this is what we do, we focus on working day in and out, we put everything first and we put ourselves last. 

Last week on the podcast, I talked about the power of reinventing yourself. I also stressed on the components you need to embark on the journey to reinvent yourself. Self-care is one of them. You see, if you are not caring for yourself you may feel constantly exhausted. 

As you are building resilience, and courage to move forward with your goals and live your dream life, you have to embrace being there for yourself as well. But how can you successfully care for your own being without feeling any guilts?

Here Are Some Self-Care Tips You Can Use In Your Daily Practice

  1. Be present: This is your number one practice. We women struggle with the thoughts of being present for ourselves. We think the only way to be present is when we're physically exhausting our bodies by moving around too much. Now, you are learning to be present for yourself at all times and listen to your wants and needs.
  2.  Show yourself kindness: Kindness is a remedy for the soul. When you practice being kind to yourself, you allow your inner thoughts to embrace peace and stillness. Kindness brings you to self-love and self-compassion.
  3. Take a break: You are not a machine that keeps going, this behavior produces burnout. Your body needs tender care, it needs to stay healthy and well at all times. Which means monitor your health, your food and supplements intake. So, to be successful, you must create a healthy routine that gives you time to rest. Therefore, take a break and fight against burnout.
  4. Live and laugh: Laughter empowers the brain cells to keep going and feeling energized. Each time you laugh, you are building your confidence to keep going and you are releasing endorphins.  

To have an effective and successful self-care plan, you must practice each step daily. What boost confidence is to make self-care part of your routines. How could you build resilience and courage if you are not caring for yourself? I am inviting you to Join the Women Confidence Builders membership to get more tips on how to focus on your self-care.


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