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Humility is part of your practice

confidence self-love Aug 28, 2019

It is Confidence Wednesday Queens👸👸👸

Good day, lovelies!
How is your Confidence Journey going thus far?

What can trigger you to lose your humility?

This morning I woke up refraining from an approach I had towards someone, I had to ask God for His mercy. And asked for wisdom so I do not step out of my humility again.

Is it possible to be triggered by people or things and step out of our humility?
Your homework is to ponder on this question and look into it with the eyes of wisdom.

Humility can not be seated next to arrogance, envy, anger, cakiness, etc. Humility can be joined with confidence so you can remove yourself from the equation of those who have to devour arrogance as their only paths, Start to value your purpose, be there for yourself and be present for others.

What does your practice look like?

What you do every day. Your practice is how you wake up feeling. What you feed your mind with. It is the environment you create for yourself that makes you happy. Call it your happy place. Your practice is you. So, develop a humble character in your practice and live a happy life. 


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