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Refresh, Revamp, Re-load

Mother dear...

The other day while at work I noticed something, I spotted a bird nest. Right on the front porch of my workplace, I heard the squicking sound of those peeps. They hatched! I said to myself and I grabbed my phone to take a few pictures. First I wanted to take pictures of the nest, and then take pictures of these little tiny beaks. Without hesitation, a bird came flying to my direction the guardian, the mother, the protector of these little birdies that I found myself backing up quickly from her. That bird was not going to stop coming at me. That bird had treasures, precious little peeps to watch for, feed and take care of. So I understood that I invaded their territories.
And that was my lesson! I told myself: time to know your territories Nadeje. 

Have you located your territories? If so who are the people in your territories? 
These are not a yes or no questions, but reflective questions to help you identify the impact your loved ones have on you. The types of impact that can build you up or destroy you. Which one do you want to surround yourself with?
Just like this bird, you must protect your soul, your heart and yourself. You must stand for what you love and believe in. You must protect your dreams.

Refresh, Revamp, Re-load
The change was necessary to me when I realized that I was only seeing things one way and, the wrong way. I had to use the three R's in order to set better goals for myself, and most of all to go after my dreams of having an empowering group.
I recall saying to my friends: "we should have an empowering group". But that brought in laughter instead. Laughter because of the way it sounded to them. My accent gave it a different sound. The way I said it was too "zu zu" so I laughed along. Kinda pointless to laugh along, when deep inside it was a dream. I was wrong to impose my dreams on my friends. Who says that they wanted to have an empowering group?  
Having a group that supports and elevates and empowers others is important. What it does to people like us is to give a push in order to fight the negative thoughts and doubts. Having a group to talk to, helps find balance and connection but most of all growth.
I chose another route. I chose to create a life that I loved. I chose to stop asking why things are hard. I stopped repeating negative words to myself in order to allow clarity around me.  I chose to trust my heart.   

What Are You Willing To Do To Protect Your Dreams? 

Just like that bird, you have to protect your goals. When you set your goals, the best thing to do is to write them. Write the goals so you can go back to them over and over again. What the bird did was to come back and circled around the nest so intruders don't come get her chicks.  Think of you as the bird. 


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