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Self-Love What Is It Anyway?

anew change healing self-love Mar 04, 2019

We have been told many times that “curiosity kills the cat” isn't that a very lame statement?
I am a curious person, in fact, who in this world is not curious? But I never wanted to make use of my curiosity. Want to know why? I was worried about what others would say and think of me. But I decided to go all-in with the choices and leaps that I wanted to take.

Do you worry about what others think and say about you? If so, STOP! it is time to VET: 

  1. Visualize the new you
  2. Educate Yourself
  3. Transform your environment 

You see once you start giving yourself the chance to VET things around you will shift for the better. You may have heard this saying that others’ perceptions of you do not make you, and they do not define you. When you focus on yourself you develop self-love. You begin to have compassion for you, and you value the person inside. Someone said, " True self-love is one of the most empowering and liberating practices we can do for ourselves". That is so true. 

Take it FAR, go along the way. Develop the will to cultivate your curiosity and build your self-confidence daily.

  1. Focus on your self-care
  2. Affirm yourself 
  3. Respect the shifts that are happening to you

Self-Love What Is It Anyway? 

Self-love is when you take the time to look at that person in the mirror and talk to her. You take a deep stare at her and let her know how supportive you are of her. You tell her for the many times you did her wrong, thought of her wrong, looked at her wrong you are sorry. When you are at the state to take a look at that person in the mirror and simply say sorry. Sorry for not listening, understanding, embracing and loving you that is self-love.

It is a practice, are you ready to try?


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