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The Power of I Am

anew healing self-love Nov 05, 2018

What is stopping you from being you?

You paired with others giving all types of diagnosis to yourself, "you're bipolar, you're paranoid, you're bossy etc".  You get hard on yourself because you are afraid of the critics, afraid of being judged, afraid that you do not fit. But all along, the only thing that has stopped you from growing and being you, has always been you.

" We become what we think about" Earl Nightingale

When you think life is meaningless, hard and you have no purpose to serve in this world; you are simply setting up the foundation for your negative thoughts. You start building negative thoughts over negative thoughts and become chained by what you think, say and do.  

Challenge your broken heart,
Hey, we all have been on that road.  We call it FEAR. right?
Fear is our biggest challenge. It is when we fight the thoughts that are telling us that " You are not good enough, no one really loves me, do not trust or move on and let go". We think we must carry on with everything we once knew, holding on to the past and refusing to move forward. Everything we knew then, have taught us lessons that are now changing our lives and perceptions of life.

Who am I, I asked?

This is the question we all should ask ourselves, but often times we don't. Once you start asking yourself that question,  you start taking the road of least resistance. You start revisiting what you've done in the past and wonder about what you will do in the present. You think if you ask yourself that question, you will have the biggest nightmare in your dreams.   

Stop right there.
This is the time to build a new you and create a grand mindset for yourself. Your purpose in life is to become the best version of yourself. Do you want to linger all your life wondering what did not work? Make the choice today to change what you used to be or do and just do. But the change has to be unconditional. You have to really want the change to happen in your life.  

Once you ask yourself that question "Who am I", you will start building the you that was meant to be. You will cherish what is around you. You will love you more, you will be free. The power that lies behind these two words is your universe.

Say this to yourself and fill in the blank:
I am_____________________

Escape the prison of limiting beliefs.

  • Know you can do everything as long as you set your mind to it.
  • Choose to empower others by the way you think.
  • Live to see the growth that is within you.
  • Believe that you have the power to stand firm and strong, the power to help others.

Your growth enriches your surrounding.

What do you want to see happen in your life?

Become the best version of yourself. Do not set the foundation of negative thoughts to take over your life, your environment and all that you love. You are the best person this world can have. You are great, humble, limitless and you are enough. 

Now turn these words into the power of "I am".

Change who you are now and decide what you want to be!

I believe that you are the best version of yourself. The question is, do you believe that for yourself? 
You have greatness in you and I KNOW that you can change the outcomes and go to the next level.

If you believe that you can..... 

  • Embrace the shifts that are happening in your life.
  • Be your most authentic self and overcome the things that are holding you back.
  • Work on your strengths and build confidence to establish balance and achieve your goals.

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