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How to Unleash Your CEO Mindset


Mindset is everything. It sets us apart. A person with a better mindset always has more advantage. 

For the longest time, I was consumed by my employee mindset. I always thought that I can never do anything more than I am currently doing not because I really can’t. It was only because I am “THINKING” I can’t.

Have you ever felt like bursting out of your own bubble and be like those CEOs you see on the news? 

I felt that for so many times. But all those times, I was scared. The bubble I’m in seemed far more comfortable, safer.

I knew deep inside my soul that I’m meant to stir my own ship and become my own CEO but my fear became my wall. It was devastating. I felt trapped in my own cycle of negative patterns and beliefs. 

I watch the news and look at those CEOs with amazement thinking how they got the guts to follow their dreams when my family doesn’t even want me to live on my own. I wondered how it feels like to take control of my own life and be my own CEO too. 

As I think more about it, I started evaluating how different my life is to those CEOs that I look up to. 

How do CEOs think?

How does the CEO mindset look like?

I look at Oprah Winfrey, Barack Obama and all the other CEOs that I admire. If you think about it, they also have problems like I do. Actually, they might have even more problems. But how do they think? How do they act?

These CEOs think affirmatively. They don’t focus so much on their problems. They focus more on what solutions they can bring to their problems. They don’t have a lot of time to think negatively of themselves. 

These CEOs are the captains of their ships. They take the front seat. They take control. Their CEO Mindset sets them apart because it lets them see the bigger picture first then divide it to bit-size information and solutions.

The employee mindset that I had, on the other hand, gets so busy on smaller things thinking they are the big ones. 

CEOs have direction. They know when to continue stirring the ship to the same direction or when to change course. 

And there I was, always thinking about when to jump off the bandwagon but never really took the leap. 

I was in awe. That time, I never really had the audacity to completely take the leap yet. All I had was a clearer vision.


Finally, I knew what I was doing wrong and how I can make them right.



How do you unleash your CEO Mindset?


Assess yourself

What belief systems do you have? Is there anything that prevents you from achieving your dream and goals? Why do you want to unleash your CEO mindset? Why do you want to be your own CEO?

Maybe the reason why you never got the answers that you need is because you never asked. So start asking.


Establish your plan

Once you know your why, it’s time to deal with the “How.”

By this time, you already have a clearer understanding of why you’re not moving into the direction that you want. Use those to create your roadmap to your own CEO mindset.

Think of the things that you can change or start implementing in your life that will take you to the next level. You can do this by journaling or just using a Google calendar more purposefully. You can use anything that works for you.

Write down your goals both in long-term and short-term. Also list the things that you need to do to achieve them. Again, the CEO mindset allows you to look at the bigger picture first. 

If you have a goal to achieve something in a year, list the things that you need to do daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly to achieve it. Let yourself think like the CEO that you want to be.


Stay disciplined

The CEO mindset is different because it is backed with discipline. Not everybody is disciplined enough to stay the course. Unleashing your CEO mindset is not easy. I’m telling you that based on my own experience.

Focus more on your why and be disciplined enough to stick to your plan, no matter what adversities you encounter along the way. Yes, it would be wise to have a backup or contingency plan but always always always stick to the goal. 

In unleashing your CEO mindset, you are your biggest enemy. So, decide right now that you want to be the CEO of your own life and really mean it. 


Leverage on your strengths and improve on your weaknesses

At the end of the day, we are just human beings. We are not perfect. Even CEOs have strengths and weaknesses too. 

What sets CEOs apart are their abilities to leverage on their strengths. Once you’ve identified what those strengths are, use them to your advantage too. Remember, you are now starting to be your own CEO. Act like the CEO you are. 

Whatever your weaknesses are, acknowledge them, work on them and move on. Don’t spend too much time thinking about how weak you are at something. That simply means going back to the employee mindset that you most desperately want to avoid. 

A CEO takes control. A CEO doesn’t have much time to think about his weaknesses. A CEO knows more about what he’s capable of. 

I teach a lot about unleashing your CEO mindset in my workshops. If you want to learn more about it, send me a message and let’s bring out the CEO in you.


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