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Being Grateful

healing thanksgiving Dec 03, 2018

What a way to begin the month of December?

You and I have greatness in us. I learned that when you create a sequence of goodness, the consequences become better. The consequences will always be good.

What are we grateful for?
I was asked what do I mean by " Being grateful for what I don't have is more than enough"? It is that simple. Most of us count our blessings because the things we say thank you for are tangible things. What if we take the time to be thankful for the things we don't have, what would change? But we don't ask that question because we never thought that it is necessary.
I discovered how necessary it is to simply say thank you even when I have nothing. Doing so prevents me from being envious of others. It allows me to accept what is and move away from what was. It helps develop new habits that I did not have before. It opens up doors of opportunity and expands my blessings exponentially.
How would you like to cultivate the greatness within you? 
The morning motivation that I am sharing with you today is that you are creative, you are great. And to be great, you must feel great and act great. Do not stay in the past, do not collect dust from what happened in the past. Change the outcome and tap into your greatness.
If you have the chance to change time what would you do with it knowing that is all you have left?
You have so much in you that will help those around you grow. You have the power in you to create beauty in all you touch. Start embracing the life you are living and be willing to share your grace.



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