Your Best Self Is Now.

anew leadership self-love Jan 21, 2019

Over the past days, I was nagging on something that was not working. I did not allow myself to live through the process so I got upset and I did not achieve anything that I had planned to do. I let hours gone pass and did not finish what I had written in my agenda. Then I asked myself this question; when am I my best self? 

What do you do when you are not at your best?  
For some, being your best self is when you are around a group of people when you feel the needs for validations from someone else. But the truth is that you must always be your best self, and the time to be your best self is now.  You do not have to wait for someone to say yes or no. You do not...

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Come out of the Guilt Box...

Do you know what your purpose is in life? 
I assure you that is a question 80% of people ask themselves daily.

Do you think you are not worthy of the things that happen in your life?
As I was listening to that podcast this morning, I learned that we "(human beings) are the only species to suffer from dubious diseases because we are unhappy with what we have." We carry on the guilt of limiting beliefs.

Is there something that gives your life a sense of meaning and purpose?

Often we blame ourselves because of something we did or say many years ago to someone we love (families, and friends).  We allow ourselves to believe that we are not worthy of changes, not...

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Peace of Mind Is A Process That Only You Can Create.

change thanksgiving Jan 07, 2019

What other ways could you have started the new year if it is not with bigger and bolder dreams? It would not have been if you did not have confidence within yourself. You believed that if you set your mind to achieve greater things, the universe will work in your favor. 

We planned to start the year with a different mindset. We also created some affirmations to help us build confidence, certainty, and assurance to create shifts in our lives. But what is a shift if we are stagnant in life, doing the same thing over and over? What is a shift if we have the same negative habits, afraid to let go or to move forward?

I invite you to boldly stand and create a peaceful mindset so you can...

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Reinvent the Wheel, Change Yourself.

anew change Dec 17, 2018


As we are getting closer to the end of the year, I am also inviting you to reflect on the steps you took this year to get where you are now. Many of us have gone through setbacks, you've experienced a love that led to heartaches, anger over losing something important, fears of being judged, betrayal of all against one over and over again. You've been through some deep darkness because of the choices you've made. One day, you realized that all listed above are key factors in someone's life to help reinvent the wheels.  We must experience going through the darkness in order to find the light.

  The Main Story

I used to be mad, raging hell when...

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Being Grateful

healing thanksgiving Dec 03, 2018

What a way to begin the month of December?

You and I have greatness in us. I learned that when you create a sequence of goodness, the consequences become better. The consequences will always be good.

What are we grateful for?
I was asked what do I mean by " Being grateful for what I don't have is more than enough"? It is that simple. Most of us count our blessings because the things we say thank you for are tangible things. What if we take the time to be thankful for the things we don't have, what would change? But we don't ask that question because we never thought that it is necessary.
I discovered how necessary it is to simply say thank you even when I have nothing. Doing so...
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It's Time To Design Your Life!

anew Nov 12, 2018

I was thinking about how you matter to me, to the world and to your loved ones. As I thought of that I got excited because I wanted to share something with you. Something that would help you take care of yourself, value your mornings and go on with a positive mindset.

How do you start your day?  
There are days you want to stay indoors not want to embrace what nature has for you. You feel like you exhausted your power to go on. But what does it do if you are stagnant about living your life?

To be a free man, you have to take risks. So I took a couple of leaps, amazing what I discovered. I was able to see the truth in a lot of things, even in my surroundings. All I did was to get...

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The Power of I Am

anew healing self-love Nov 05, 2018

What is stopping you from being you?

You paired with others giving all types of diagnosis to yourself, "you're bipolar, you're paranoid, you're bossy etc".  You get hard on yourself because you are afraid of the critics, afraid of being judged, afraid that you do not fit. But all along, the only thing that has stopped you from growing and being you, has always been you.

" We become what we think about" Earl Nightingale

When you think life is meaningless, hard and you have no purpose to serve in this world; you are simply setting up the foundation for your negative thoughts. You start building negative thoughts over negative thoughts and become chained by what you think, say...

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Healing Comes From Within

anew healing Oct 29, 2018

Healing is within you

"Success is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work" 
Thomas Edison

What a powerful statement, isn't it?

My friend!! it is time to look at the things that bring peace, joy, and comfort to your heart.  This is your awakening moment to embrace who you are and to stop hiding behind shame, anxiety, and worries.

Have you ever thought of embracing the part of you that was hidden? I am inviting you to start building confidence within you, embrace the journey and begin to solely focus on the things that make you happy.


There are plenty of chances today to create a new version of you, but you must work...

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