Crossing Someone Else's Path

abundance change healing Oct 28, 2019

How living with a purpose can help you heal! 

Over the weekend, I realized that one of the things I do is to have high expectations from others. So I took some time to reflect on that and I came to my senses to tell myself that the only expectation I should have is from me. My expectations led me to ask myself this question: "What purpose am I serving in life?"

Have you ever asked yourself this question?

Well let me tell you one thing, the minute you start asking yourself powerful questions, you will start lowering the expectations that you've had. Remember when you used to do things for others thinking that if you do for others, they must do for you too. Can I tell you...

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The Internal Abundance

Happy Blossoming Month of May!  We were showered with grace and now is the time to celebrate ourselves. Is there a pour of internal abundance in your life
For many years I never knew what internal abundance was until I started to embrace the transformation that I had to go through. I was the caterpillar in a cacoon and the transformation happened, I became this beautiful butterflies. Do you know what transformation does for people like you and me? It makes us see our greatness and helps us live through it. 

Years ago, I would have fought to embrace this transformation, and I would have done anything and everything to put me last for everyone to be first. I...
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