The Pro in Productivity Starts With Happy Employees

The workplace is not necessarily only a place for work. It shouldn’t be a place that employees would want to get out of the end of the day. Actually, boosting their morale is one of the most proven effective ways to increase productivity. If the employees wear smiles rather than the dread for 5 pm, it could translate to more completed tasks. It could also result in lower attrition among the workforce if they’re satisfied with their work situation. A happy workplace would actually bring positive results. Remember to inspire your people to desire to perspire.


The workplace goal?

The catchphrase “Thank God It’s Friday” wouldn’t be so popular if...

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How to Level Up Your Profession


Does the feeling of leveling up in your career haunt you everyday?

It may seem too far-fetch at first but really, it’s as easy as ABC. You just have to setup your plans for success. No matter what profession or career you’re in, leveling up is not as hard as you think. 

One book I’ve read that really gave me a lot of insights about career advancement is “The New Rules: Office Politics by Rob Yeung. “

Yeung discussed the difference between those who excel in their profession and those who don’t. Although it may seem that skills matter most, it’s not. But in fact, your network matters as much. 

He said the difference between those...

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