The Most Important Factor About Goal Setting

This morning I woke up thinking what if?

What if I only have today to live my best life?
What if life knocks me down, what are the goals I want to set for myself? 
What if I do not make it to fifty years, what kind of legacy would I leave behind?

These were the types of questions I was asking myself. Are these the types of questions you asked yourself every day? You see, having our goals set brings clarity for us. We make it easier to set a foundation for ourselves and the next generation

So, if they are the typical questions you asked yourself on a daily basis, I can help you answer them. What you need to know about setting up your goals is that, your goals must be SMART...

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3 Tips To Help You Build A Positive Circle

confidence women Jul 26, 2020

As I was engaging this week in the 7-Day Confidence Challenge that I have in my closed group, I felt the need to share those ideas with you as well.

The entire week we have been learning about the steps we need to build our confidences. And in case you are asking how is that possible, can you build your confidence in 7 Days? Well! to build confidence requires for you to take steps. And there are specific practices to help you set the tone in 7 Days.

Here is the thing, when you can help someone and vice versa it is a support that is being provided. What we must understand is this, when we are building confidence, we are also helping someone else who is in the journey. Which...

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How To Build A Healthy Lifestyle For You

Self-care is an essential part of our daily practice. But instead this is what we do, we focus on working day in and out, we put everything first and we put ourselves last. 

Last week on the podcast, I talked about the power of reinventing yourself. I also stressed on the components you need to embark on the journey to reinvent yourself. Self-care is one of them. You see, if you are not caring for yourself you may feel constantly exhausted. 

As you are building resilience, and courage to move forward with your goals and live your dream life, you have to embrace being there for yourself as well. But how...

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You Have The Power To Move Forward

There was a time I was scared to take steps towards my dream goals. I thought that anything I wanted to do should be done within my circle, and my group of friends. But I realized that my dreams were for me to live. I realized that living my dreams were to help elevate and building confidence, and it was not others' dreams. 

Today, are you willing to take steps into your life and live your dreams? Too often we find ourselves getting scared to take steps because we fear losing something, or someone in our lives. We are afraid to face what lies ahead, so we get comfortable and we don't move forward. 

You can be scared about...

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Two Useful Things To Use In Your Daily Practice

anew confidence mindset women Jul 13, 2020

Don't act on obligation, you are not building confidence or becoming a better version of yourself for others. All of the work you're doing should merely be for you.  But this is what often happens, we start working on ourselves with the thought that we are doing it for our betterment, then comes doubts and we stop. 

Why is it so easy to just stop? Ask yourself this question. You see, one of the reasons we stop is because we encountered fear. We thought if we change ourselves, we will not be the same, and people will not stay connected with us. Then we start feeding our minds with all sorts of negativity. 

There are few things...

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What To Do When Your Past Shows Up?

The past month, I noticed a few people from my past showed up. So I thought, "how weird is that". What message is the universe trying to send out to me? I could not make sense of the events that were happening from one person, to the next and the one after that. I was surprised, so I reacted with partial anger and partial bliss.

Does this happen to you too, out of the blue someone from your past shows up? How does it make you feel? I know when you take years, and days and hours to work on your personal development, the last thing you want is to see your past showing up waving at you as if everything was the same.


So! do you think that it is best to leave the past stories archived?...

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5 Ways To Boost Your Confidence In A 7 Days Lockdown


I remember when we were asked to stay home on a lockdown. And we were told not to go out, be around large crowds and even around some friends and families. Everyone started to panic. Well! I was one of those people too. There was a rush of uncertainty because no one knew at that time if they were going to lose their jobs, have a sane lifestyle at home and many more. And oh boy! for those parents it was the end of the world. 


Wait! What? Who is going to teach my child? I don't know anything about curriculum. Is the Mayor crazy? Where are the teachers?


And Boom...Chakalaka: ) Many of the states that never had remote learning, home schooling in their curriculum had...

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Who Is In Your Circle?

Who is in your circle?

A couple of weekends ago, this light bulb started to flicker on top of my head. I call it the "right-thinking bulb". I asked myself this question: "who is in my circle?"

It all started with this thought! for a couple of years now, I could not understand how someone would say I care, I love and/or I am there for you but once you have a tantrum, you say I need time off, it becomes "holy saint it is about time!" as if they could not wait for you to say these words. Sometimes the behaviors we display can harm us tremendously.

I realized one thing,  the people you call family is never your true family. They are not blood-related, they are the people who accept you...

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Humility is part of your practice

confidence self-love Aug 28, 2019

It is Confidence Wednesday Queens

Good day, lovelies!
How is your Confidence Journey going thus far?

What can trigger you to lose your humility?

This morning I woke up refraining from an approach I had towards someone, I had to ask God for His mercy. And asked for wisdom so I do not step out of my humility again.

Is it possible to be triggered by people or things and step out of our humility?
Your homework is to ponder on this question and look into it with the eyes of wisdom.

Humility can not be seated next to arrogance, envy, anger, cakiness, etc. Humility can be joined with confidence so you can remove yourself from the equation of those who have to devour arrogance as their only paths,...

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The Misconceptions + You And Your Goals

confidence mindset Aug 04, 2019

How do you feel when there is that inner voice redirecting every decision you made?
The misconceptions are exactly that. They are the negative thoughts that are processing in our heads telling us what not to do.
DON'T you find it a "buzz kill" when you have that big idea, then out of the blue come the negative thoughts and that little devil voice telling you "but you can't do it"?
Now you realized that you are standing between your goals and your roadblocks (#Misconceptions).

We all have gone through that; when you say to yourself that you want to find your happy place. To find something that brings you joy. to invest in your education, or buy yourself something valuable and memorable. And...

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