Developing An Attitude of Gratitude

happiness healing mindset May 17, 2021


There are moments when we are so overwhelmed with negativity that we tend to see the world as bleak and the universe unforgiving. There are also times when we take some of our blessings for granted because we’re focused on the things we’re yet to have. It’s okay to feel these emotions. They are valid, but it’s best not to have them as a recurring theme in your mind. Rather, what we should aim for is having a generally positive outlook towards life. And one of the best ways to do that is to appreciate the good things that life has to offer.


Why count your blessings

It’s easy to say but the implementation may be tricky. Having a grateful mindset...

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How To Build A Healthy Lifestyle For You

Self-care is an essential part of our daily practice. But instead this is what we do, we focus on working day in and out, we put everything first and we put ourselves last. 

Last week on the podcast, I talked about the power of reinventing yourself. I also stressed on the components you need to embark on the journey to reinvent yourself. Self-care is one of them. You see, if you are not caring for yourself you may feel constantly exhausted. 

As you are building resilience, and courage to move forward with your goals and live your dream life, you have to embrace being there for yourself as well. But how...

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You Have The Power To Move Forward

There was a time I was scared to take steps towards my dream goals. I thought that anything I wanted to do should be done within my circle, and my group of friends. But I realized that my dreams were for me to live. I realized that living my dreams were to help elevate and building confidence, and it was not others' dreams. 

Today, are you willing to take steps into your life and live your dreams? Too often we find ourselves getting scared to take steps because we fear losing something, or someone in our lives. We are afraid to face what lies ahead, so we get comfortable and we don't move forward. 

You can be scared about...

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What To Do When Your Past Shows Up?

The past month, I noticed a few people from my past showed up. So I thought, "how weird is that". What message is the universe trying to send out to me? I could not make sense of the events that were happening from one person, to the next and the one after that. I was surprised, so I reacted with partial anger and partial bliss.

Does this happen to you too, out of the blue someone from your past shows up? How does it make you feel? I know when you take years, and days and hours to work on your personal development, the last thing you want is to see your past showing up waving at you as if everything was the same.


So! do you think that it is best to leave the past stories archived?...

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Crossing Someone Else's Path

abundance change healing Oct 28, 2019

How living with a purpose can help you heal! 

Over the weekend, I realized that one of the things I do is to have high expectations from others. So I took some time to reflect on that and I came to my senses to tell myself that the only expectation I should have is from me. My expectations led me to ask myself this question: "What purpose am I serving in life?"

Have you ever asked yourself this question?

Well let me tell you one thing, the minute you start asking yourself powerful questions, you will start lowering the expectations that you've had. Remember when you used to do things for others thinking that if you do for others, they must do for you too. Can I tell you...

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Who Is In Your Circle?

Who is in your circle?

A couple of weekends ago, this light bulb started to flicker on top of my head. I call it the "right-thinking bulb". I asked myself this question: "who is in my circle?"

It all started with this thought! for a couple of years now, I could not understand how someone would say I care, I love and/or I am there for you but once you have a tantrum, you say I need time off, it becomes "holy saint it is about time!" as if they could not wait for you to say these words. Sometimes the behaviors we display can harm us tremendously.

I realized one thing,  the people you call family is never your true family. They are not blood-related, they are the people who accept you...

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Choose How To Live

No Cover-Ups

Last year the same date June 28th at 7:00 am in the morning I crashed on the Northern State Parkway between exit 27 and 28. Wait! did I say that I crashed on the wall divider? I crashed on the wall divider and bounced back on the freeway and I don't know why but I did not crash with other cars. I must have had an angel shielding me in the car. What happened that morning is the car hydroplaned which caused me to first panicked, and then lost control of the wheel.

You see, usually, 7:00 am is rush hour time, on a weekday. That is when everyone including me, heads to work and leaves very early to avoid the big traffic; which I did. That...

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Self-Love What Is It Anyway?

anew change healing self-love Mar 04, 2019

We have been told many times that “curiosity kills the cat” isn't that a very lame statement?
I am a curious person, in fact, who in this world is not curious? But I never wanted to make use of my curiosity. Want to know why? I was worried about what others would say and think of me. But I decided to go all-in with the choices and leaps that I wanted to take.

Do you worry about what others think and say about you? If so, STOP! it is time to VET: 

  1. Visualize the new you
  2. Educate Yourself
  3. Transform your environment 

You see once you start giving yourself the chance to VET things around you will shift for the better. You may have heard...

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Being Grateful

healing thanksgiving Dec 03, 2018

What a way to begin the month of December?

You and I have greatness in us. I learned that when you create a sequence of goodness, the consequences become better. The consequences will always be good.

What are we grateful for?
I was asked what do I mean by " Being grateful for what I don't have is more than enough"? It is that simple. Most of us count our blessings because the things we say thank you for are tangible things. What if we take the time to be thankful for the things we don't have, what would change? But we don't ask that question because we never thought that it is necessary.
I discovered how necessary it is to simply say thank you even when I have nothing. Doing so...
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The Power of I Am

anew healing self-love Nov 05, 2018

What is stopping you from being you?

You paired with others giving all types of diagnosis to yourself, "you're bipolar, you're paranoid, you're bossy etc".  You get hard on yourself because you are afraid of the critics, afraid of being judged, afraid that you do not fit. But all along, the only thing that has stopped you from growing and being you, has always been you.

" We become what we think about" Earl Nightingale

When you think life is meaningless, hard and you have no purpose to serve in this world; you are simply setting up the foundation for your negative thoughts. You start building negative thoughts over negative thoughts and become chained by what you think, say...

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