Working On Your Personal Breakthrough



You may have known the common maxim that “the only permanent thing is change.” But there probably comes a time when life seems to be monotonous. Or it could be that it seemed that your goals are getting farther away and your inner joy is starting to lose the spark. The future might look bleak, but you shan’t lose hope! Because there’s always a way to turn things around, which could even lead to your personal breakthrough.


Breaking through the static

When is it ever our turn? Why do other people get their personal breakthrough, and I don’t? This may sound like the kind of questions that could possibly haunt our minds. Especially in this...

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5 Ways to Upgrade Your Mindset for Success


The human brain is responsible for the body’s most vital tasks. Within it resides the mind. It’s where all our mental processes, thoughts, emotions and imagination happen.


Often we use these terms interchangeably but they are totally different. What’s more important? Both are indispensable. 


Hence, we put so much emphasis on our mindsets - the right mindset for success.


What is mindset?

Mindset is our programming. It’s our attitude and how we look at things. As we grow and mature, our mindsets change slowly. There are 2 types of mindsets - the fixed mindset and the growth mindset.


The fixed mindset believes that we have no...

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The Importance of Continuous Learning

“Intellectual growth should commence at birth and cease only at death.”
Albert Einstein


Learning is an integral part of our existence. It is a never-ending and lifelong process. The more things you learn every day, the more expansive your mind and your life get. 


Your value is attached to what you know and what you can do. People at the top of the spectrum do not care so much about your extrinsic qualities. Hence, you can make or break your career or business with the amount of learning that you acquire along the way. 


Our brains are like saws in need of frequent sharpening. The lack, thereof, may cause the loss of our...

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How to Dominate and Maintain Massive Momentum in Life

There is a common denominator among all people in the working class. We all share the same cravings for success. We want to make it to the top and be vital to every company we’re working for or the clients we want to attract. We try hard to display our value and yet not everybody sees it. 


It’s funny how we still go unnoticed despite all the grind we’re doing. Success seems too far-fetched. It’s getting harder and harder to make something out of our names. Sometimes you question if it’s even worth it. 


I’ve been in the working class for most of my life. Saying that it’s frustrating to be undervalued is an understatement....

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How to Level Up Your Profession


Does the feeling of leveling up in your career haunt you everyday?

It may seem too far-fetch at first but really, it’s as easy as ABC. You just have to setup your plans for success. No matter what profession or career you’re in, leveling up is not as hard as you think. 

One book I’ve read that really gave me a lot of insights about career advancement is “The New Rules: Office Politics by Rob Yeung. “

Yeung discussed the difference between those who excel in their profession and those who don’t. Although it may seem that skills matter most, it’s not. But in fact, your network matters as much. 

He said the difference between those...

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