Ways to Embrace New Possibilities



Change is probably the most permanent thing to exist in this world. And generally, we tend to find new things scary or terrifying. So, as a survival instinct, we tend to seek comfort and avoid what’s unfamiliar. But if we constantly avoid the risks of the unknown, how are we to explore and discover new possibilities? Are you really content with your current status quo? Will we always refrain from and shun whatever it is that we have not yet encountered?


From comfort to changes

It is understandable that we are sometimes wary of changes. We attempt to find balance and we crave comfort for as much as possible. Maybe you’ve experienced something bad in the...

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Desires and How to Live Intentionally

Part of being human is wanting something. And we all want to be happy, right? We work hard to have those things we desire. It’s alright to have something to aim or covet, it keeps us going. But how much of wanting is healthy and enough?


No one should stop anyone to pursue whatever makes them happy (as long as no harm is done to other people). Though we’re here to remind you that it’s also important to slow down, pause, and appreciate what is in front of you. Because sometimes, we’re so focused on what we want that we overlook what we already have. Remember, the happiness that we seek can be found in the little things.


Our personal pursuit of happiness...

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My Life’s Biggest Achievement


“Life starts at 40.” That’s what they always say. 

I turned 46 last month. It feels so surreal yet so exciting to be taking on another year. Despite the current global situation, I feel like I can achieve a lot of things.

I still remember growing up how I wanted to have everything figured out. I thought that if I don’t accomplish my goals before thirty, I’ll be missing out in life. I was always in a rush to get things done and make a name for myself. 

Although I was able to do that by being an Assistant Director, it felt like something was still missing. I was doing well at work, making awesome connections, meeting beautiful people, and...

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