Working On Your Personal Breakthrough



You may have known the common maxim that “the only permanent thing is change.” But there probably comes a time when life seems to be monotonous. Or it could be that it seemed that your goals are getting farther away and your inner joy is starting to lose the spark. The future might look bleak, but you shan’t lose hope! Because there’s always a way to turn things around, which could even lead to your personal breakthrough.


Breaking through the static

When is it ever our turn? Why do other people get their personal breakthrough, and I don’t? This may sound like the kind of questions that could possibly haunt our minds. Especially in this...

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My Life’s Biggest Achievement


“Life starts at 40.” That’s what they always say. 

I turned 46 last month. It feels so surreal yet so exciting to be taking on another year. Despite the current global situation, I feel like I can achieve a lot of things.

I still remember growing up how I wanted to have everything figured out. I thought that if I don’t accomplish my goals before thirty, I’ll be missing out in life. I was always in a rush to get things done and make a name for myself. 

Although I was able to do that by being an Assistant Director, it felt like something was still missing. I was doing well at work, making awesome connections, meeting beautiful people, and...

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The Most Important Factor About Goal Setting

This morning I woke up thinking what if?

What if I only have today to live my best life?
What if life knocks me down, what are the goals I want to set for myself? 
What if I do not make it to fifty years, what kind of legacy would I leave behind?

These were the types of questions I was asking myself. Are these the types of questions you asked yourself every day? You see, having our goals set brings clarity for us. We make it easier to set a foundation for ourselves and the next generation

So, if they are the typical questions you asked yourself on a daily basis, I can help you answer them. What you need to know about setting up your goals is that, your goals must be SMART...

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