Desires and How to Live Intentionally

Part of being human is wanting something. And we all want to be happy, right? We work hard to have those things we desire. It’s alright to have something to aim or covet, it keeps us going. But how much of wanting is healthy and enough?


No one should stop anyone to pursue whatever makes them happy (as long as no harm is done to other people). Though we’re here to remind you that it’s also important to slow down, pause, and appreciate what is in front of you. Because sometimes, we’re so focused on what we want that we overlook what we already have. Remember, the happiness that we seek can be found in the little things.


Our personal pursuit of happiness...

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10 Ways to Build Self-Confidence


Being confident is one of the hardest battles every human could face. The lack of it can deter our path to success, let alone, living more purposefully. It is a hard thing to achieve. It took me years to really build my self-esteem and be the person that I am today. 

I chose to be a Confidence Coach because of one thing. I believed that confidence is the key to living the most awesome life we could ever live. It may sound simple but confidence can go a long way. It can shift your mindset from a slacker to a total go-getter. It is, should I say, the real definition of a life-changing miracle. 


Why do you need confidence?

Confidence, according to The Oxford Languages...

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