My Favorite Positive Podcasts Worth Listening To

There are moments when we find it difficult to see the bright side of things. We could feel down or overwhelm with all that’s happening around us. That’s okay and your feelings are valid. But know that if you need reminding about positivity or maybe you’re just interested in how to stay positive, there are tons of available information within reach through the internet. And one of the most popular forms of consuming media that can be both entertaining and informative is--you guessed it from the title--podcasts.


Podcasts + positivity

You probably know that podcasts are getting popular these days, and more content creators are being drawn to this medium as their...

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Ways to Embrace New Possibilities



Change is probably the most permanent thing to exist in this world. And generally, we tend to find new things scary or terrifying. So, as a survival instinct, we tend to seek comfort and avoid what’s unfamiliar. But if we constantly avoid the risks of the unknown, how are we to explore and discover new possibilities? Are you really content with your current status quo? Will we always refrain from and shun whatever it is that we have not yet encountered?


From comfort to changes

It is understandable that we are sometimes wary of changes. We attempt to find balance and we crave comfort for as much as possible. Maybe you’ve experienced something bad in the...

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10 Ways to Build Self-Confidence


Being confident is one of the hardest battles every human could face. The lack of it can deter our path to success, let alone, living more purposefully. It is a hard thing to achieve. It took me years to really build my self-esteem and be the person that I am today. 

I chose to be a Confidence Coach because of one thing. I believed that confidence is the key to living the most awesome life we could ever live. It may sound simple but confidence can go a long way. It can shift your mindset from a slacker to a total go-getter. It is, should I say, the real definition of a life-changing miracle. 


Why do you need confidence?

Confidence, according to The Oxford Languages...

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