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Keeping your mind in the present avoids two negative emotions: regret and anxiety. This Is Called The Decluttering Process

You’re just too distracted by your thoughts to notice what is happening now. As a CEO or executive of your company, you are struggling with being in the present. You are feeling overwhelmed by the daily work load, and you cannot find your focus to visualize how you want to lead. You are easily distracted, lacking self-confidence about your potential and you are waiting for others to validate your whereabouts. Is that common?

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 The Advantages of a Present Mindset... Notice that most of your distractions have to do with the past, present, work, finances, and the environment.

Half Full or Half Empty: Top 10 Strategies to get out of the rut.

Expecting Too Much? Strategies to break free from mental clutter, and  ways to overcome fear.

It's Time to Make a Major Life Change.

 You can now control your overwhelm. Leading a company should not be so stressful. 

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