Re-Design And Lead Your Mindset With Momentum

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 If your mindset is not at the right state you will not be able to solve your problems. Which is what I help you do. I help you V.I.M your thinking and grow confidence {Visualize, Internalize and Mesmerize} to have an attitude of success.

If you want another level of life, you can't do it by yourself. You'll need help and I'd like to be that help to you. When you enroll at U Slay Confidence Coaching Academy, you'll be able to UPGRADE your mindset like a Badass Boss Babe and you’ll be able to work full force on building your confidence so you can show up as an assertive motivational speaker, a coach, a consultant, a confident wife, a CEO.

What you'll get: A 13-Week Group Setting to Re-Design And Lead Your Mindset With Momentum.

  • Unshakable Mindset: Six 1:1 Power Session
  • Belief-O-Meter: Confidence Strategies
  • Brain-Fit Program: Biz Mindset
  • Market Your Way In: Marketing Strategies
  • Lifepass Access To Private Facebook Group

With Two not one but Two additional Bonuses: when you enroll today

Total Value : $7,848.97

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Who Is This Program For?

It is for that woman who is tired of her current job, she is feeling burnt-out by the demands of her job. She lacks self-confidence and feels insecure about herself because she doesn't believe in her potential and gift. 

It is for you, if you feel stuck and you wait for someone else to validate your choices or decisions. You want to have an entrepreneur's mindset to start creating the life you want and work on your own terms, but you don't know HOW to start. You suffer from fear and self-doubt. You lack self-worth and self-esteem. Lastly you need clarity, direction and purpose in your life.

What People Are Saying:

““U Slay Confidence with Nadeje” has enabled me with the tools that I need to build myself up. It has bridged the gap between my idea of what I thought I deserved in my life and this new found confidence that has shown me what I truly do deserve in my life! It has shown me how to cross that bridge and overcome things that I was holding on to. I am responsible for my happiness and I deserve to give that to myself each and every day. This program the master class, and also all the coaching sessions have shown me how to make that possible and now I just want everyone else to know too. Clodyn St Thomas ”

Clodyn St. Thomas

“"When I started the workshop, Manifest with Momentum, I've lost my self-belief. I had offered my services to clients before but because of an unexpected health emergency, I lost motivation to get back on track. I felt like I wasn't really doing much to be a better version of myself despite my knowledge and capabilities. I always had some negative self-talk and every single time, I played the victim card always thinking that I don't have what it takes to make my dreams a reality. But Nadeje was always there for me. She has always given me the guidance I needed to unleash my potential and manifest my dreams. With the workshop, I learned how to take control of my life and every single aspect of it. I learned to allow myself to accept the greatness within me. Every session in the masterclass, I felt empowered. It felt like I'm always given a step-by-step guide to be my best self. Nadeje never failed to help me acknowledge my mistakes and negativities so I can move forward in my life, work and business. With years of experience, she knew exactly how to tap my inner potential. After the workshop, I was never the same. I am now able to put myself in the spotlight and communicate to as many people as I want to. Being an introvert can be hard sometimes, but with Nadeje's help, I was able to burst my comfort bubble and let the world benefit from my skills. I would forever thank the Universe for Nadeje and her unwavering support. She is definitely the best in what she does. I can't wait for her to share her knowledge to the world. Now, I live by her motto. I can finally say that I can wear my confidence like I wear my stilettos. Through Nadeje's workshops, soon enough, many more women can too. "”

Diana Marcial

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