About Us

What About Us?

E.M.P.T.T.Y helps women learn to thrive as leaders, to build self-confidence and cultivate their curiosity so they can enhance growth in their businesses and mentally pivot without becoming rattled by work demands and life's commands.

Mission and Purpose For NadejeM.EMPTTY LLC

Elevate and Motivate with Purpose To Transform Yourself. Women are empowered to expand their wings and be the best version of themselves with gratitude, kindness, leadership, love, and excellence.

We believe women should acknowledge their worth in society. The struggle to fit should be non-existent when a woman chooses to live her life curiously and build self-confidence to lead successfully. 

NadejeM.EMPTTY LLC strongly supports its mission to help women build themselves to create a new identity for themselves. Women are born with a loving heart and they have an attitude of caring for others. We strongly believe women are in positions to reflect their soft, gentle part to the world. Women's position is to be unapologetically confident.  

NadejeM.EMPTTY is the beacon of confidence and leadership. Our goal is to provide the utmost coaching support and strategies to our clients and ensure efficient results are met.

Strategizing and creating action plans to support and upscale your organization by teaching the steps on how to instantly raise your authority and have an open doorway to bigger opportunities.

Our goal is to assist you and/or your enterprise to take advantage of efficient information by providing necessary tools for a successful outcome.