The Membership Is Where We Fix Another Woman's Tilted Crown.


Do you believe that confidence is built? 

Today is your day to take actions and put yourself first. 



You have the opportunity of a lifetime. You get to create the life you always wanted. Unleash Your Confidence and bring back the spark inside of you.

You can set goals that can be easily achieved and celebrated.

You get to be a strong and confident woman who believes in expanding her personal growth.

You do not have to be scared to meet the person that you're supposed to be.

We always have a choice in life. The choice we are making today is to not stay in the mindset trap.

Leave behind the misconceptions And build your confidence with me.

Become Part Of The Women Confidence Builders Program Now

It is not the right time or the right location, it is the right mindset. Anything you need to learn about building self-confidence and living the Me Syndrome Lifestyle so you can be unapologetic about the new you is in this 4 weeks Mastermind Course.

The Benefits of Working With Me!

Transform Yourself "Anew"

Learn the secrets to transform yourself and be self-confident about setting up your goals and go after them unapologetically. Learn how to visualize, and design the life you want. 

Relocate Your Mindset

Learn the steps to relocate your mindset from negative to positive. Take actions that will help you grow successfully and stop caring what others think. Create a life that is focused and has balance for yourself.

Fix That Tilted Crown

Learn the steps to help you stand up, build courage and connect with others who share the same mindset. Leave the self- limitations and self-doubts behind. You are your savior and you are not it alone.


Receive support and motivation from a coach who will help you set your goals, stretch to the next level to reach your potential, and reframe your thinking without holding on the heavy weights of uncertainty.

"I have had the pleasure of working with Nadeje for several months and she is professional, compassionate and goal oriented. I highly recommend Nadeje!"

Diane. S

"I am extremely happy to recommend Nadeje as a life coach. She is patient, dedicated and caring. Nadeje helps motivate her clients where they develops new skills which lead to greater success. Because of her guidance it makes me a better person.."

Sharon. B

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Unleash Your Self-Confident

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