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I'll help you Relocate, Reset and Refocus your limiting beliefs so you can lead and live without Burnout.

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If burnout tends to be a common occurrence for you, it is time to evaluate your Work-Life Balance strategies. Look for ways to restore your health, find peace of mind, and create your happiness with the strategies shared in this book...

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You're about to regain confidence and be at peace with yourself

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Don't let yourself get hooked doing things on autopilot...Create the life you desire and don't get lost in the burnout sauce. Learn the formula that will help you build momentum.   

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Are you feeling burnout, your thoughts are inconsistent and you're concern about achieving your goals?

Let's get uncomfortable CEOs... There are some old patterns of limiting beliefs causing you to think that you can not be successful. You only need a little push with your confidence to take it to a higher level. Let's challenge those thoughts

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Hey CEOs!


Forget about the credentials for now; we can catch up on that on the next page.

Let's talk real bizzz. I was just like you, not confident, judgemental of myself, lacking uncertainty.  My biggest hurdles were the misconception and the old time generational thoughts that I was tied up with. Those thoughts were my burnout... those white lies made me think that I was not worth being a CEO of my own coaching company.

So, I shifted and took the steps to Relocate, Reset and Refocus my thoughts and stop stressing over the little things.


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Set Your Personal Goals, Change Your Daily Routine and Thrive For success.


Don't get stuck doing something you despise. Focus on your strengths and do the things that bring you closer to achieving your goals.

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10 Principles of Success You'll Need To Lead and Live Without Burnout.


Don't stay on the dreams, take action steps. Don't wait for someone to tell you how to live your life, design the life you want to live.

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Get Back On Track and Move Closer To Your Goals at Any Time.


No more running on overdrive without giving yourself a break. Leave the burnout race behind and take breaks to refresh, rejuvenate, and renew your mind.

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"I have had the pleasure of working with Nadeje for several months and she is professional, compassionate and goal oriented. I highly recommend Nadeje!"


Diane Soulaski.

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A coach has the skills to help others, and to create possibilities for change.

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You're most likely to make changes in your business and in your life if you're convinced that it will pay off...Right?

 With me by your side, all your hard work and change will be noticed and will pay off. I'll help you set clear goals, declutter your mind space, achieve your goals and celebrate your wins.

Let me help you achieve your goals.

What makes your goals most effective is your willingness to persevere, take bite size steps, celebrate your little to none achievement and learn to be ok where you are.

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Let's Get You Out of The Burnout!

Grab my ebook The Aftermath of Burnout to rejuvenate your mindset. It will help you plan accordingly, balance your wants and your needs when it comes to work and life.

Who Do I Help!

I help the Modern C-Suite Executives and Purpose-Driven CEOs who struggle with managing the ups and downs of their companies. I help them get out of their old ways by creating balance, learn to define their personal mission, say no to opportunities that don't meet their company's growth and values.