"Be You, Not Them!

Hi Hun, 

I'm Nadeje

I am a certified Life, Confidence and Executive leadership Coach.

I educate and mentor you to get UNSTUCK and RELOCATE your mindset.I have my own style of coaching as an awareness builder, a personal growth developer and a strategic planner. I strongly believe that being in the moment helps relocate the mindset to manifest with momentum. 

As your coach,  I will guide you and teach you how to be the driver, not the passenger of your life and your business.

I position myself as your cheerleader. so you can always show up fearlessly and unapologetically.

No More Limiting Beliefs!



What About Us?

Nadeje Montes helps dream builders and purpose-driven entrepreneurs build self-confidence, cultivate their curiosity and successfully lead their lives and businesses to mentally pivot in their own ways without becoming rattled by life's demands and work commands.

Mission and Purpose

E.M.P.T.T.Y: Elevate and Motivate with Purpose To Transform Yourself.

You are empowered to expand your wings and be the best version of yourself with gratitude, kindness, leadership, love, and excellence.

This Is A Part Of My Old Self You Don't Know About!

What an excitement to meet you on this platform.

If you're wondering how it all started, well just like you, I was not a confident woman. I used to be hard on myself all the time. I was miserable and drove others around me to feel the same. I thought perfectionism was the main key to living free until I learned life is not perfect, and I am not perfect.

I was always showing up like the know it all in my group and it did not serve me. It was cockiness and arrogance over confidence. I was feeling lost most of the time. I did not know what my purpose was and I was not great in my relationships relationship with money, my exes, my friends, my family and most of all myself.

Who wants to be around someone like that?

I was always a YES person to everyone and always wanted a validation from someone.

So my breakthrough started after I had a major breakdown in 2016! 

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It Is About Building Yourself...

Today is the day to Slay with Confidence!

Relocate, Reset and Refocus your mindset so you can ditch the employee mindset to step into your CEO mindset.  

Ali's Dose Of Inspiration

Confidence Built From Within

I Relocated My Mindset, 

What Does That Even Mean?

For many years it felt like I was knocked and ran over by a truck. There were days when darkness would fall pitch black and would get bruised up by the memories, regrets, misconceptions, anxiety, lack of self-esteem and confidence. 

I certainly did not like where I was mentally and physically. And I did not know how much I was helping those around me. I realized that I had to U-Haul my mind into boxes so I can move out of the stuck mindset. 

Sometimes, we need to relocate our mindset, move out of the negative narrative house when we are soul searching to know who we are. 

I move into purpose, confidence, self-love and growth mindset. I want to help you relocate, reset and refocus your mindset the same so you can grow confidence and step into your purpose.  




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With Confidence Coach Nadeje Montes