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How To Build A Healthy Lifestyle For You

Self-care is an essential part of our daily practice. But instead this is what we do, we focus on working day in and out, we put everything first and we put ourselves last. 

Last week on the podcast, I talked about the power of reinventing yourself. I also stressed on the components you need to embark on the journey to reinvent yourself. Self-care is one of them. You see, if you are not caring for yourself you may feel constantly exhausted. 

As you are building resilience, and courage to move forward with your goals and live your dream life, you have to embrace being there for yourself as well. But how...

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5 Ways To Boost Your Confidence In A 7 Days Lockdown


I remember when we were asked to stay home on a lockdown. And we were told not to go out, be around large crowds and even around some friends and families. Everyone started to panic. Well! I was one of those people too. There was a rush of uncertainty because no one knew at that time if they were going to lose their jobs, have a sane lifestyle at home and many more. And oh boy! for those parents it was the end of the world. 


Wait! What? Who is going to teach my child? I don't know anything about curriculum. Is the Mayor crazy? Where are the teachers?


And Boom...Chakalaka: ) Many of the states that never had remote learning, home schooling in their curriculum had...

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